Tullow Mart in Co Carlow is hosting one of the largest dispersal sales to take place in recent years on Saturday 13 January, with 500 in-lamb ewes going under the hammer.

The sale is being held on behalf of mart manager Eric Driver, who describes the flock as a genuine flock with good high-performing commercial ewes.

Ewes are due to lamb from 8 March onwards and are carrying an average litter size of 1.85 lambs per ewe.

The age of ewes range from hoggets to full mouths, with ewes in good condition heading into late pregnancy.

The average litter size across the flock is 1.85 lambs per ewe, with ewes aged from hoggets to full mouths.

Eric said: “The sale is a good chance for farmers to purchase ewes of varying breed type.

"Approximately 250 ewes are Suffolk and Suffolk-cross ewes, including high-performing Suffolk-cross-Cheviot sheep and progeny bred out of such ewes.

Ewes are described as being in good body condition and primed for heading into late pregnancy feeding.

"There is also 120 Mule ewes in-lamb to Suffolk rams and also capable of producing excellent-quality Suffolk-cross-Mule replacements.

"The last cohort is 130 Texel and continental-cross ewes, which have been selected from top-performing breed lines. The ewes are good genuine sheep that will do a fine job for their buyers,” he added.

The sale takes place at 1pm, with bidding ringside or online via the MartEye sales platform. More photos and videos of the flock can be found on the mart’s Facebook page.