Minister for Heritage and Electoral Reform Malcolm Noonan says it is important to bring the farming community along as Ireland’s biodiversity targets are acted on.

This comes after his announcement that six new biodiversity officers are to be recruited by the end of 2022, with funding of €600,000.

Minister Noonan told the Irish Farmers Journal that farmers are best placed to be a part of the positive environmental changes being executed by Government.

“I know that with any of the big biodiversity projects we have; it’s that direct engagement that really enables the farmer to be brought along on the project,” he says.

“In many cases, [farmers often] look at the financial incentives through results-based payment schemes, but when they’re on board, they’re fully on board and they really buy into the biodiversity element of what they’re trying to achieve.

“I believe we need a change of tone at agri-corporate level to ensure that agri-corporations are on board and part of the solution as well, but there is no doubt about it – farmers want to do the right thing.”

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