Forestry programme delays will have ‘serious implications’ for climate target
Amy Forde
The Climate Action Plan has a target to plant 8,000ha per annum up to 2025.
29 March 2023 News
White flag raised between climate and farmer groups
Environmentalists and farmers conceded that both must work together to achieve climate goals at a meeting in the Dáil this week.
29 March 2023 News
Localised climate action plans on the way
Each local authority will have to develop a climate action plan for their county, carry out a stock-take of its emissions levels and identify a new decarbonising zone.
Farmers will not allow further designations - INHFA
The INHFA says that farmers have been poorly treated by the designation process in the past and would not allow agricultural activity on further lands to be restricted.
28 March 2023 News
€500,000 announced for community-led peatland projects
A funding package aimed at encouraging communities to restore and protect peatlands has been announced.
27 March 2023 News
‘Unrealistic’ for CAP to fund new nature law
The current data available is not adequate to provide a reliable estimate of areas potentially impacted by rewetting, the Minister for Agriculture has said.
Public consultation on review of the open seasons order launched
The NPWS sets out the bird species that may be hunted, and dates between which hunting may take place under the open seasons order.
22 March 2023 News
Level playing field needed in trade deals for farmers – McConalogue
Minister McConalogue called on the European Commission to ensure robust commitments on environmental compliance regarding the Mercosur agreement.
20 March 2023 News
Getting soil pH right can result in the release of 80kg N/ha - Teagasc
Teagasc experts discussed the different ways farmers can cut their artificial fertiliser prices this year at the Farming for Soil Health event at Johnstown Castle.
20 March 2023 News
Businesses moving to action on biodiversity loss
Biodiversity loss is now recognised as a systemic risk to the global economy. Global corporate business will drive the transformation to restore nature, writes Anne Finnegan.
Climate crisis will ‘radically reshape’ how land in Ireland is used
Sectoral policy often overlooks the interrelationships between sectors, particularly in relation to natural capital degradation, the report added.
Over half of Ireland’s native plants in decline - report
A 20-year study of Ireland’s plant biodiversity has highlighted how intensive farm management is leading to a decline in native grassland flora.