Farm Programmes
Beyond N, P and K: balancing the living army in our soils
Emma Hart
Balancing soil chemistry is vital for optimising the use of inputs, but there’s also a growing awareness of the importance of nurturing the living component of our soils, writes Emma Hart.
10 April 2024 Feature
ACRES scheme a proper disaster for the Burren, say farmers
Almost a year and a half on from the Burren Programme being replaced by ACRES, local farmers Michael Davoren and Michael Collins speak to Anne O’Donoghue about the impact on the landscape and farmers.
2 April 2024 News
Aurivo launches new sustainability bonus
Suppliers must complete a compulsory measure alongside a number of voluntary measures this year to be eligible for the bonus next year.
Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Nature project shortlisted for EU natura award
An initiative to improve ecosystem services in the northwest of the country, which led to the establishment of ACRES, has been shortlisted for an EU natura award.
1 April 2024 News
Prioritise Farming with Nature, says green lobby
Agri-environment schemes should become the central pillar of future farm support, MLAs at Stormont have been told.
27 March 2024 Northern Ireland
Withdrawal of nature restoration law 'absolutely correct' - ICMSA
Concerns on the law justify taking the file off the agenda of a meeting of EU environment ministers this week.
27 March 2024 News
Ireland needs commercial conifers, not small native woodlands - FII
Forest Industries Ireland director Mark McAuley said the growth of Irish forestry has slowed dramatically.
26 March 2024 News
Government seeks to use €240m for REPowerEU measures
The Irish government has submitted a request to Europe to use €240 million in funding to increase renewable energy, improve energy efficiency of public buildings and invest in sustainable transport
25 March 2024 Renewables
Challenges facing forest owners
Olive Leavy looks at how we can build a forest culture in Ireland that is seen as an active and rewarding part of land stewardship.
23 March 2024 Forestry
Calls for upland farming module to form part of Green Cert
The Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association vice president said that that "upland farmer education is crucial for promoting sustainable agriculture, and protecting our way of life.”
22 March 2024 News
Letter urging balance in addressing biodiversity
"Make biodiversity restoration fair" - Judy Bryant, Killoughey IFA
20 March 2024 Letters
Biodiversity credits must make financial sense for farmers
Bionua founder William Butterly said land used to generate biodiversity credits needs to be as or more profitable for farmers than the enterprise that land is currently supporting.
20 March 2024 News