Farm Programmes
Sustainability in focus at the Tullamore Farm Open day
Kelsey Daly
Visitors will see soil test results, biodiversity, clover and combi crop topics covered at the sustainability stand.
21 July 2024 Tullamore Farm
Sustainability Focus Tullamore Farm Open day
Visitors will see soil test results, biodiversity, clover and combi crop topics covered at the sustainability stand.
New biodiversity indicator for national farm survey
Satellite data for the 1,000-plus farms in the national farm survey will be used to measure changes in habitats.
Letter on lack of guidance for Irish suckler farmers
"The NPWS grazes 16,000ha and An Taisce 2,000ha respectively in Donegal, solely by red deer." - Ger Roarty, Co Donegal
10 July 2024 Letters
Trust is at the heart of our inability to halt biodiversity loss
For Ireland to restore its woodlands, peatlands and grasslands, trust between key stakeholders will have to reestablished, writes Ray Ó Foghlú.
Cattle driving diversity on the Belfast Hills
Crumlin farmers Michael and Judy Meharg rent land at Slievenacloy for conservation grazing. Peter McCann reports
3 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Topics discussed at the Footprint Farmers farm walk
This week Kelsey Daly covers the huge turnout at the Waterford Footprint Farmers walk, topics such as Vixeran, slurry, and sustainable measures were prominent throughout the event.
Lakeland Dairies to plant 5,000 trees
Two hectares of trees have been planted to acknowledge Lakeland Dairies’ 3,200 farm families and 1,400 staff members as Lakeland teams up with Western Forestry Co-op.
1 July 2024 News
Public to have their say in reviewing Ireland’s wildlife legislation
The online public consultation is open until September 13 and is a chance for the public to decide where we should go beyond the minimum protections set down under EU law.
27 June 2024 News
Farmer Writes: less of a buzz off my new electric fence
James Strain had to re-fence waterways to make them suitable for sheep.
23 June 2024 Farmer Writes
Westmeath farm walks to focus on biodiversity and climate resistance
The farm walks will take place on James Ham's farm in Moyvore and Kate Egan's farm in Ballymore.
21 June 2024 News
EU imports from South America also increase global warming
Importing beef into the EU from Mercosur countries will increase global warming, writes Dr Myles Rath, formerly of the UCD School of Agriculture.
19 June 2024 Viewpoints