From 13 January, farmers in Zone A can spread fertilisers again, since the closed period started last year.

For farmers in Zone B, they can begin spreading slurry again from 16 January and farmers in Zone C and Northern Ireland can spread slurry from 1 February.

Slurry spreading zones

In order to comply with cross compliance and environmental regulations farmers cannot spread chemical fertilisers, livestock manure, soiled water or other organic fertilisers when:

  • The land is waterlogged.
  • The land is flooded, or it is likely to flood.
  • The land is frozen, or covered with snow.
  • Heavy rain is forecast within 48 hours (you must check the weather forecast prior to spreading).
  • Farmers are also reminded that they cannot spread organic fertilisers or soiled water from a road or passageway, even if the road or passageway is on their own holding.