The farmland around Moat Farrell is fine, rolling pasture. Cattle happily eat from their green beds and watch me pass. There’s nothing quite like the smell of spring meadows – the wild garlic flowers are growing and pockets of buttercups adorn the verge and fields.

Some of the best farmers I know are great runners. Moving cattle requires fitness. Cattle don’t like dogs and will stand their ground and fight, so in rural Ireland we move them by hand through fields and along roads. More than once as a child I thought myself a hound, for I’ve often chased after escaping bulls and marauding cows. A cow can run flat out anywhere from 20 to 30 miles an hour. They can be slow to get moving, so your only hope is to set off before they do. We can’t outrun them, but we can outsmart them and in the end that’s all we’ve got going for us.