To pod, or not to pod? That is the question
Janine Kennedy
There are still roadblocks in the way of farmers looking to diversify into agritourism, but there is a lot of potential as well, writes Janine Kennedy.
14 February 2024 Ask Miriam
Ask Miriam: ‘my husband struggles to connect with our son’
A concerned mother reaches out to Miriam for advice for her husband who is struggling to connect with their son.
17 January 2024 Features
Desperate Farmwife: January's for the birds
Our Desperate Farmwife's 'Desperately Misunderstood Farm Husband' is back... and he has way too much time on his hands before calving starts.
Katherine's Country: ‘the birth of every baby is special'
I am thrilled to introduce my new grandson – Peter O’Leary, writes Katherine O’Leary.
6 December 2023 Katherine O'Leary
The Kerry Cowboy: ‘I answer questions from all over the world'
Séaghan Ó Súilleabháin speaks to Janine Kennedy about life in rural Co Kerry, farming as a Gaeilgeoir and becoming social-media star with his dog.
29 November 2023 Features
Agri Careers: course shows dairy farmers are keen to build knowledge
A group of Tirlán milk suppliers has completed the Sustainable Farming Academy at University College Cork, which focuses on environmental management and sustainable development, writes Sarah McIntosh.
29 November 2023 Careers
The ultimate Christmas baking project: make a gingerbread farm
Are you looking for a baking project for the whole family? Try building your own gingerbread farm. A Farmers Journal festive family effort led by Janine Kennedy with Dee Laffan and Martin Merrick.
28 November 2023 Recipes
Meet the woman designing Lady Gaga's handbags on a Roscommon farm
Luxury leather designer Úna Burke has dressed celebrities from Lady Gaga to Rihanna; and now she has brought her brand back home to the family farm in Co Roscommon, writes Maria Moynihan.
15 November 2023 Features
Desperate Farmwife: the quiet milestones we miss
Do you remember when your child first started singing songs or the first time they were able to spell their name? Our Desperate Farmwife wonders if her early years of motherhood affected her memory.
8 November 2023 Features
Taste Tradition: a life of family, farming and hospitality
Ethna Sheehan has planted deep roots in Dungarvan over the past 56 years, but she fondly recalls a beautiful childhood in Bandon where food, family and friends took precedent, writes Janine Kennedy.
25 October 2023 Recipes
Editorial: can you teach an old dog new trucks?
So many of our problems in life are because we're afraid to try something different, writes Janine Kennedy.
4 October 2023 Features
Editorial: become a woman in ag ain't easy, but it is worthwhile
Women marrying in to farming families face a steep learning curve, but that doesn't mean we aren't able for it, writes Janine Kennedy.
20 September 2023 Features