Desperate Farmwife: bullying in a small, rural school is difficult to navigate
Are kids just being kids, or is there more going on? Our Desperate Farmwife doesn’t have all the answers, but she is always there for her children (and her cows).
12 June 2024 Features
It's all down to dad: Irish businesses who are keeping things in the family
Celebrating Father’s Day, three Irish businesses who are keeping it in the family talk about following in their father’s footsteps, writes Janine Kennedy and Ciara Leahy
29 May 2024 News
Food editorial: what's your favourite time of day in the summer?
Those early summer mornings and late evenings are perfect for indulging in your favourite Irish foods, writes Janine Kennedy.
From soil to seed: is rapeseed the Irish equivalent to extra virgin olive oil?
As GPs and dieticians encourage the consumption of more "good fats" in our diet, Irish rapeseed oil is rankly highly, writes Janine Kennedy.
22 May 2024 News
Legal: how to save money when transferring land
When transferring land, be smart about structuring the transfer to maximise tax incentives such as stamp duty relief and gift tax, writes Aisling Meehan.
15 May 2024 Consumer
Legal: my son and his partner are living in my family home rent-free
Aisling Meehan advises a reader who is having an issue with her son and his partner – they live rent-free in her original family house and she wants them to rent or buy.
17 April 2024 Consumer
Desperate Farmwife: the time has come to fly the coop
For years, our Desperate Farmwife stayed home with smallies while her husband saw the world. Now, it's her turn.
10 April 2024 Features
Does Ireland have a viable future in sustainable aquaculture?
Despite the many challenges the Irish aquaculture industry has faced over the years, there are many working to ensure it has a bright and sustainable future, writes Janine Kennedy.
20 March 2024 News
To pod, or not to pod? That is the question
There are still roadblocks in the way of farmers looking to diversify into agritourism, but there is a lot of potential as well, writes Janine Kennedy.
21 February 2024 Consumer
Ask Miriam: ‘my husband struggles to connect with our son’
A concerned mother reaches out to Miriam for advice for her husband who is struggling to connect with their son.
14 February 2024 Ask Miriam
Desperate Farmwife: January's for the birds
Our Desperate Farmwife's 'Desperately Misunderstood Farm Husband' is back... and he has way too much time on his hands before calving starts.
17 January 2024 Features