With premiums rising, most notably in the car insurance sector, more attention than ever before is being paid to the annual insurance bill in farming households.

It can pay to shop around but when it comes to insurance, it is critically important that you compare like for like when dealing with different companies.

While at first glance two companies may appear to offer the same cover at different prices, farmers should take time to examine all of the detail of what exclusions may apply and what excesses must be paid. There is no point in believing you are making a saving when in fact you could be comparing apples with oranges.

Insurance is an absolute essential for farmers given the high value of farm buildings, equipment and livestock on any farm, and, following an event like a fire, could be the only comfort in the face of a devastating loss.

In this Focus, we take a look at the key areas farmers should consider when choosing an insurance provider or considering switching from one company to another.

We also take a closer look at the types of basic insurance that farmers should consider to protect their farm from huge financial loss, along with advice on what add-ons some farmers might need. The risk of being underinsured is also covered in this Focus.

The key to being properly insured is to have a proper risk assessment carried out on your farm and to declare all relevant information to the insurance company. Failure to declare all relevant information could render your policy null and void.

Do you have people crossing your land? Solicitor Aisling Meehan explains the legal background and insurance requirements for farmers whether those people are recreational users like fisherman, or trespassers.

We also look at the rising incidence of theft and what insurance policies are available to cover some of the items stolen most often from farms.

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