Opinion: community comes together to fight fire, while grain issues loom
Pat O'Toole
A fire on our doorstep stops all talk of Boortmalt and contracts, but there are emerging issues to be addressed.
13 August 2022 News
10 steps farmers can take to mitigate farmland fires
Wexford Fire Services has outlined a list of steps farmers can take to prevent fire and stop the spread should they start.
11 August 2022 News
Public urged to be conscious of dangers posed by fire amid warning
The NPWS will monitor parks by helicopter in a bid to reduce the incidence of wildfires over the coming days.
Good conditions drive harvest progress
The ongoing dry and hot spell of weather has accelerated harvest progress and some growers are already finished cutting cereals
10 August 2022 Husbandry
Watch: fires in Carlow and Dublin as harvest continues
With harvests continuing during this week’s hot weather, tillage farmers are reminded to take precaution.
10 August 2022 News
Watch: forest fire blazes through Co Wicklow
An Air Corps helicopter is currently in attendance to help put out the blaze, Coillte said.
19 July 2022 News
Department releases Condition Orange forest fire warning
The high risk warning is effective from 14 July to 20 July and is set to be at its highest level on Sunday 17 July.
15 July 2022 News
10ac of barley catch fire in Kilkenny
A farmer in Kilkenny had his heart in his mouth as he watched his field of barley ignite. He said only for the fire service and quick acting neighbours the damage would have been far worse.
13 July 2022 News
Teen lights haybarn on fire to impress girl
The haybarn was built in the 1980s and the owner estimates the cost of building a new barn at €20,000. Ann Healy reports.
13 May 2022 News
High fire risk warning for bank holiday weekend
The Department of Agriculture says significant fire activity has been observed in the last 24 hours and expects higher ignition risks ahead of forecast rainfall over the bank holiday weekend.
29 April 2022 News
169 farmers scorched with payment cuts to burned land in 2021
Farmers face deductions and penalties even when it can be proved that a fire had been started accidentally or that a wildfire had a non-agricultural ignition source.
30 March 2022 News
Ministers need a weekend cleanse of social media
Banning Government ministers from Twitter at the weekend would spare us from spats such as the one that was generated by Minister Pippa Hackett last weekend.
30 March 2022 Dealer