Big reduction in China’s demand for pig meat imports
Phelim O'Neill
Latest USDA forecast suggests China's pigmeat production is recovering faster than expected, meaning less demand for imports.
13 April 2022 News
EU spring farming outlook: increasing costs and tighter supplies
Increasing costs and tighter supplies forecast for meat with a small increase in grain and dairy.
30 March 2022 News
Contrast in pig and beef factory profits
Tough year for Vion the Dutch pig processor while Marfrig the world’s second-largest beef processor posts record results.
Emergency funding needed to stem ‘terrible’ pig sector crisis
The minister has faced increased pressure from the IFA to grant direct emergency funding to pig farmers.
9 February 2022 News
Irish family pig farms set for ‘extinction’ without direct aid - IFA
Minister McConalogue has heard that efficient Irish pig farmers are losing €13,500 per week without emergency supports, while funds are announced for pig farmers on the continent.
5 February 2022 News
Pig farmers losing €35 per pig in “unprecedented” crisis - IFA
The IFA has called for funding to be allocated to the pig sector, which has felt the strain of decreasing pig prices and high feed prices.
12 January 2022 News
Tough year for Irish poultry meat but international demand remains strong
Poultry meat consumption has surged over the past decade, driven by its healthy image, convenience and no religious barriers.
15 December 2021 Poultry
Fertiliser prices to stay up into spring
A world-leading market analyst has raised concerns that fertiliser supplies in the USA and Europe could run short next year.
10 November 2021 News
China shapes the global pigmeat market
With China accounting for almost half of all pigmeat traded globally, the increase in production this year has hit prices.
20 October 2021 Pigs
Pig and feed prices a real concern
A double whammy for pig farmers is biting into income and turning a positive into a challenging situation writes head of Teagasc Pigs Knowledge Transfer Ciaran Carroll.
20 October 2021 Pigs
Hopes for US-developed African swine fever vaccine
The vaccine has shown efficacy against African swine fever (ASF) virus strains when tested in both European and Asian breeds of pigs.
4 October 2021 News
Reasons to be optimistic about Chinese sheepmeat access
Access to the Chinese market has changed the shape of New Zealand and Australian sheepmeat exports and can also provide a more balanced demand for Irish sheepmeat products.
22 September 2021 News