Irish pork granted access to South Korea in EU deal - but not poultry
Noel Bardon
Pigmeat from Ireland and 13 other EU countries has been granted access to the South Korean market.
31 August 2022 Northern Ireland
New pork import controls amid ASF risk
A new risk assessment by the Animal and Plant Health Agency found there is “medium risk” of African swine fever entering Britain.
3 August 2022 Northern Ireland
Open border makes ASF ‘inevitable’, warns BMPA
The British Meat Processors Association has warned about the dangers of not checking goods entering Britain.
News round-up from Northern Ireland
Weekly round-up of news from across the farming industry in Northern Ireland
20 July 2022 Northern Ireland
Understanding China key to assessing future for pigs
The PwC report indicates accumulated losses on the average pig farm to reach €500,000 this year.
8 June 2022 Editorial
Pig crisis: tough market outlook for rest of 2022
This week, Adam Woods sits down with Bord Bia sector manager for pigmeat and poultry Peter Duggan to talk about the current crisis in the pig sector and what the outlook is.
1 June 2022 Pigs
Big reduction in China’s demand for pig meat imports
Latest USDA forecast suggests China's pigmeat production is recovering faster than expected, meaning less demand for imports.
14 April 2022 News
EU spring farming outlook: increasing costs and tighter supplies
Increasing costs and tighter supplies forecast for meat with a small increase in grain and dairy.
13 April 2022 News