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Hope for pigmeat recovery in 2024
Noel Bardon
Recent price pulls below the €2/kg were of concern to pig farmers who were beginning to recover from a previous bout of severe losses, Bord Bia's Joe Burke said.
China hits peak beef imports
26 December 2023 News
China hits peak beef imports
First 10 months of 2023 show a marginal increase in China's beef imports, while sheepmeat imports rebound after dip in 2022.
Pig farmers:  'If I'm going to go through another bad spell I won't be in it'
13 December 2023 Pigs
Pig farmers: 'If I'm going to go through another bad spell I won't be in it'
Our profits are just getting eroded away every week by the processors, one pig farmer told the Irish Farmers Journal.
Christmas ham trade strong as consumers opt for smaller joints
Vendors around the country are experiencing a strong Christmas ham trade, with a move towards smaller joints.
6 December 2023 News
Update on AHI Pig HealthCheck programme
We take a look at the Animal Health Ireland-led Pig HealthCheck programme and get an update on its activities in recent months.
22 October 2023 Pigs
Teagasc looking to reduce income volatility for pig farmers
The authority is in discussions with the NTMA and the Department of Agriculture on possible measures which could reduce large swings in pig farmers’ income.
18 October 2023 News
'Welfare subsidies' needed to rear pigs with intact tails
The 2023 Teagasc pig conference heard that in Finland, production subsidies are needed to cover the higher production costs associated with raising pigs with higher levels of animal welfare.
18 October 2023 News
Pigmeat production declining in all EU countries
The European Commission has analysed the state of the EU pigmeat market for 2023 and has made projections for 2024.
18 October 2023 News
Buoyant pig prices begin to fill hole left after 2022 loses
Pig farmers are beginning to recover financially after over a year and a half of losses.
13 September 2023 News
50 pigs stolen in English farm raid
Thieves made off with a load of 50 pigs from a farm in Suffolk at some stage over last weekend.
11 August 2023 Pigs
Minimal revision to USDA meat forecast
The United States Department of Agriculture produces a global meat forecast three times per year. The July update shows some change in different countries, but overall picture remains similar to April
16 July 2023 News
Headless pigs dumped in Meath bog
A walker in Meath came across two pig carcases left decaying in a bog.
21 June 2023 News