No routine TB testing of badger roadkill
Noel Bardon
Only 61 road kill badgers were tested for TB by the Department of Agriculture in 2023.
One in five badgers test positive for TB
Despite the high positive rates, there are concerns that the survey could be under-estimating the extent of bovine TB infections in local wildlife.
8 May 2024 Dealer
More questions than answers on TB in cattle
Farmer frustration with bovine TB controls is about much more than a loose comment in a ministerial response to a written parliamentary question.
New UFU president digs in on bovine TB
The new president of the Ulster Farmers' Union has made clear his position on bovine TB.
'Big money' required to eradicate TB
Devon vet, Dick Sibley is a strong advocate for a new approach to bovine TB
24 April 2024 Northern Ireland
Alternative views must not stall TB plan
A detailed plan is already in place in NI to help make progress with bovine TB.
24 April 2024 Northern Ireland
DAERA wasting tax payers’ money on bovine TB
Letter to the NI Editor: From Edward Carson, Downpatrick, Co Down
27 March 2024 Northern Ireland
Badger culling retained in England TB plan
The removal of badgers in TB hotpsot areas of England is set to remain a key part of disease control
20 March 2024 Northern Ireland
'My place is walking with it'
Farming near the village of Ardfert in the Kingdom, O'Connor has said his farm is walking with fireblight.
20 March 2024 News
New NI chief vet to review TB policy
NI chief vet Brian Dooher is to review DAERA’s bovine TB policy, Agriculture Minister Andrew Muir has said.
13 March 2024 Northern Ireland
A ‘fresh look’ at TB is not required
DAERA chief vet Brian Dooher has been tasked with taking another look at the whole issue of bovine TB.
13 March 2024 Northern Ireland
Badger vaccination not bringing TB numbers down - ICSA
The ICSA has expressed its frustration with the Department of Agriculture over its handling of the TB eradication programme.
11 March 2024 News