Ukraine joining the EU would be a 'huge draw' on the CAP budget
Rachel Donovan
This comes following the European Council's decision last Thursday to open accession negotiations with Ukraine.
7 December 2023 News
New calf transport proposals could limit exports - MEP Kelleher
The European Commission has published its long awaited revision of the 2005 animal transport regulation.
4 December 2023 News
Farm groups ‘most effective’ lobbyists in Europe - Kelleher
Billy Kelleher MEP has argued that farming organisations' focus on Brussels puts them ahead of other lobby groups when it comes to influencing EU legislation.
Listen: MEPs at the Ploughing on the future EU farming
MEPs Colm Markey, Billy Kelleher and Chris MacManus joined Barry Murphy for a panel on the future of agriculture in the EU.
20 September 2023 News
Give farmers tax credits to lease land - Kelleher
Government must intervene to support farmers impacted by the cut to Ireland’s nitrates derogation, according to MEP Billy Kelleher.
11 September 2023 News