West can get more money from CAP - Flanagan
Amy Forde
"People will ask where will that money come from? It will come from the Golden Vale," Luke Ming Flanagan has said.
8 May 2024 News
European elections: the candidates running in the Midlands North West
With 27 candidates standing for five seats, the 1.25 million people in the sprawling constituency have big decisions to make.
24 April 2024 News
European elections: how Ireland’s MEPs voted on key farming issues
With votes from CAP to Brexit to nature restoration coming before the European Parliament over the last five years, how have our MEPs voted?
Letter highlighting risks in farming
"Weather risk can be managed" - Declan O'Connor, senior lecturer, Munster Technological University.
20 March 2024 Letters
2024 BISS scheme opens for applications
The scheme portal is also the application gateway for the CRISS, Eco Scheme and a number of other related schemes.
21 February 2024 News