Market Digest: stories from around the world
Phelim O'Neill
Brief news snippets from South Korea, Australia, USA and Ukraine.
1 November 2023 News
In pictures: farming 100 Beefbooster cows on 640ac with minimum inputs in Canada
Seán LaBrie keeps around 100 cows and followers on his 'Difficulty Ranch' in Alberta, Canada. Claire Mc Cormack reports.
25 October 2023 News
Aussies eye Canada-type deal
EU and Australia are making another push to get the trade deal over the line this week and there is a sense of if not now, when?
Euro Auctions acquires Canadian auction company
Tyrone-based auction house, Euro Auctions, has announced the acquisition of Canadian based Michener Allen Auctioneering Limited.
11 October 2023 News
In pictures: inside 25,000-head Canadian cattle farm exporting beef to Europe
Up to 25,000 cattle go through the Cattleland Feedyards in Canada every year and the farm also has 15,000ac of ground for silage and crops. Claire McCormack reports.
4 October 2023 News
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Brief news snippets from USA, Sweden, New Zealand and Turkiye.
13 September 2023 World
No regrets: how one Dutch family moved to Canada and swapped pigs for cows
Claire McCormack talks to one Dutch family are part of a new wave of European farmers moving to Canada.
30 August 2023 Feature
'New wave' of EU farmers buying dairy farms in Canada
Claire McCormack reports from Canada on the growing number of Dutch farmers leaving environmental restrictions behind to produce milk on a different continent.
23 August 2023 News
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Brief news snippets from China, Australia, Argentina and Canada.
2 August 2023 World
UK joins Asian trade partnership
UK participation in CPTPP is politically symbolic but will have negligible commercial impact
19 July 2023 News
Thumbs-up emoji could cost you thousands
The matter arose after Chris Achter, a farmer from Saskatchewan in Canada failed to deliver 86t of flax that Kent Mickleborough had looked to buy in 2021.
19 July 2023 News
Minimal revision to USDA meat forecast
The United States Department of Agriculture produces a global meat forecast three times per year. The July update shows some change in different countries, but overall picture remains similar to April
16 July 2023 News