Grain Trends: markets flip upwards yet again
Andy Doyle
Concerns over global maize production and the Black Sea trade corridor continue to add volatility to grain markets
7 September 2022 Dealer
Gorbachev had links to farming
Irish agricultural professor Frank Aherne became friends with Mikhail Gorbachaev befopre his ascent to the Russian presidency.
31 August 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: maize forecasts set market direction
Grain markets witnessed considerable volatility over the past week, with maize forecasts providing most of the influential news.
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Updates from Eurozone, Canada, New Zealand and Argentina.
31 August 2022 World
Canada spends €40m to store 2.4m tonnes of Ukraine’s grain
Canada has followed Japan in contributing finance towards increasing storage capacity for grain in Ukraine.
5 August 2022 News
Agrijobs: dairy farm managers and combine drivers in Canada wanted
Irish farm workers are also required in Ontario, Canada, to operate machinery.
2 July 2022 News
Tight global wheat supplies continue to drive market
News from France, India, US, Brazil, Canada and Russia features in this week’s grain market update.
10 May 2022 Markets
Canada will be next UK trade deal
If Canada succeeds in having hormone-treated beef accepted by the UK as part of a trade deal, there are wider consequences with the NI protocol.
6 April 2022 News