Is this the world’s smallest calf?
Barry Murphy
Canadian farmers Michael and Emilie Smith told the Irish Farmers Journal about their premature Highland bull calf.
16 April 2023 News
Mixed fortunes forecast for poultry and pigmeat
In its April forecast, the US Department of Agriculture is predicting a 3% decline in global pork exports to 10.3m tonnes in 2023, while global chicken sales are forecast to increase to 13.7m tonnes.
5 April 2023 News
UK joins Pacific partnership
UK joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) is politically symbolic, but of little relevance commercially.
'Global Britain' will not be good for Ireland
The UK's post-Brexit trade deals have the potential to hit beef and lamb prices in both the British and EU markets.
29 March 2023 News
How will UK trade agreements affect Irish farmers?
UK trade agreements have a major knock-on effect on Irish farmers because as well as extra competition in the UK, there is potentially more UK competition in EU markets.
24 March 2023 News
Non-tariff trade barriers create invisible wall between UK and EU
Sorting out the protocol and the trade and co-operation agreement is the least-bad Brexit outcome.
12 March 2023 News
The Irish star Burning It Up abroad
Shanon Kinahan takes a look back at an outstanding year for the Irish star, Lookout Burning It Up Red.
18 January 2023 Pedigree
Five days in Montreal: forget Paris
Liam Clancy is not convinced that Montreal is the “Paris of North America”, but it has plenty of charm in its own right.
11 January 2023 Features
Biodiversity decline faster than dinosaur extinction - Noonan
Biodiversity is being lost at a rate faster than when the dinosaurs went extinct, Minister for Heritage Malcolm Noonan has warned.