Rev n Roar in Offaly
The Dealer
The Dealer saw an interesting event taking place in Offaly at the weekend for tractor enthusiasts.
27 September 2023 Health
HEALTH: here are this month's healthbytes
Want to know what vaccinations are now available? If you will qualify for a GP Visit Card? Why vaping is a serious concern? Writes Margaret Hawkins.
27 September 2023 Community
In pictures: Macra attends the National Ploughing Championships
From breaking world records to attending FBD's Make the Moove launch, Macra really made the most of this month's Ploughing.
Agri careers: ploughing through issues in the sector
This year’s finalists of the Certified Irish Angus Schools Competition are tackling key issues. Sarah McIntosh caught up with them at the National Ploughing Championships to find out more.
27 September 2023 Education
Immersive cycling experience in Carlow
On Sunday 24 September, rural Carlow’s language, landscape and history will be celebrated in a collective cycling experience 'Cycles'.
22 September 2023 Living Life
Two candidates to run for IFA president
Francie Gorman from Laois and Martin Stapleton from Limerick have received the required number of nominations to run for the IFA presidency.
20 September 2023 Community
Plenty to do for new and seasoned members - Macra
At summer's end, Macra comes back into full swing with a fun range of games, competitions and quizzes. Get involved!
20 September 2023 Community
ICSA to launch mental health and well-being initiative at this year's Ploughing
Failed succession, marriage breakdown, parent alienation and family disputes are just some of the issues ICSA Life Focus aims to help farm families with.
18 September 2023 News
Cloonacool annual sheep festival kicks off next week
The village of Cloonacool in Sligo will have its annual sheep festival from Thursday 21 to 24 September.
16 September 2023 Around the country
Macra to celebrate its leaders with the Macra Leadership Awards
The final 10 candidates will be awarded the Macra President's Medal at a celebratory banquet during Macra's Leadership Awards this month.
13 September 2023 Community
Time for ‘discussion’ and ‘updates’ has passed – IFA president
IFA withdrew from Charter talks before the summer in protest at Minister’s decision to advise farmers that certain payments, like ANC, will be paid later than usual this year.
13 September 2023 Community
Pedigree breeds pulling back on Ploughing
Shanon Kinahan recently spoke with Sean Sherman from the Pedigree Breeders Council to discuss why pedigree cattle breed societies have opted not to attend this year's Ploughing Championships.
13 September 2023 Pedigree