Crops forum provides update on many serious issues
Andy Doyle
Virus-tolerant varieties, CAP rules, winter oilseed rape performance, the three-crop rule, machinery sharing and the exit of Barra were among the major topics discussed at the recent crops forum.
21 September 2022 News
Three-crop rule suspended for 2023
As part of an EU-wide effort to increase food production, the crop diversification obligation in the new CAP has been suspended for the coming 2023 season.
19 August 2022 Crops
Oilseed rape area could hit 20,000ha
Oilseed rape area has been on the rise and current field conditions might mean a further increase in area.
Ireland to avail of crop diversification derogation for 2023
Irish tillage farmers are set to avail of a derogation from crop diversification requirements in 2023 as part of the European Commission’s response to the war in Ukraine.
16 August 2022 News
Mandatory crop rotation will force land out of tillage, grain growers say
Although Irish tillage farmers will be exempt from the requirement for full annual crop rotation under the redrafted CAP plan, the IGG said the updated programme remains a concern.
10 August 2022 News
Crop rotation clarification for new CAP plan
Changes included in the redrafted CAP Strategic Plan mean that the feared requirement for full annual crop rotation have been largely diluted.
3 August 2022 News