Over 750,000 calves to be DNA-registered in 2024
Darren Carty
There is in the region of 550,000 cows across over 3,800 dairy herds and approximately 200,000 beef cows across 6,670 suckler herds participating in the programme.
29 November 2023 News
Big changes in animal identification
A new national genotyping programme, changes to suckler breeding indexes, an application for BVD-free status and transitioning to EID bovine tagging are all new topics in animal identification.
18 October 2023 News
Irish soil DNA project aims to prevent deaths and reduce medical costs
Cork-based researchers have undertaken a detailed look at the soil's genetic make-up across Ireland in order to understand how soils develop and transmit anti-microbial resistance.
SCEP deadline extension granted on four- and five-star requirement
Adam Woods has the latest on the SCEP programme, including news of an extension to when farmers need to have 50% four- and five-star females in their herd.
17 October 2023 Breeding & health
31 October deadline for National Genotyping Programme
The deadline for suckler beef herds to submit an application had not previously been stated, with the deadline for dairy herds long since passed on 21 July.
4 October 2023 News
Understanding the new hill ram SIS catalogue
The catalogue displays genetic information and denotes which rams satisfy the requirements of the Sheep Improvement Scheme.
20 September 2023 Breeding & health
Thousands of hill rams genotyped for SIS
Sheep Ireland manager, Kevin McDermott, told farmers at an IFA sheep meeting in Donegal that there should be plenty of eligible hill rams available to meet demand.
13 September 2023 Markets
SIS genotyped ram action - reader questions revisited
Questions have ramped up again relating to the Sheep Improvement Scheme genotyped ram action, with ram sales in peak activity.
9 September 2023 News
Up to 3,500 suckler farmers to lose out on SCEP payments
Adam Woods has details around a potential loss of SCEP payments by 3,500 farmers.
6 September 2023 Breeding & health
National Genotyping Scheme closing date extended
Adam Woods has the latest on the National Genotyping Scheme and its rollout.
19 July 2023 Breeding & health
Passions stirred by genotyping tenders
A mix of Irish and British firms in the hunt for the lucrative contract to service ICBF's National Genotyping Programme.
12 July 2023 Dealer
Dairy Management: grass growth, DNA and cost control
Aidan Brennan says that soil moisture deficits haven't gone away and grass quality is still very poor.
5 July 2023 Management