Thrive: open day summary and booklet
Declan Marren
Over 2,000 people attended the Thrive dairy calf-to-beef open day on Tuesday. Declan Marren outlines some of the key messages from the day.
10 August 2022 Viewpoints
Thrive open day: dairy beef risk and return
A black coat on the calf at three weeks of age is no longer enough to differentiate good potential from a much lesser potential.
You can’t have your cake and eat it
At the recent Sheep Ireland breeding conference, Kevin McDermott said that commercial farmers cannot expect breeders to produce grass-fed rams if they are not willing to pay for them.
Crop gene editing: is Europe lagging behind?
Scientists at a University College Cork symposium on the use of gene editing in agriculture criticised the EU for its lack of ambition on the matter.
23 June 2022 News
Tissue tagging will stay in NI
Progress with new BVD legislation and a livestock genetics programme in Northern Ireland has been painfully slow.
8 June 2022 Northern Ireland
New tagging rules for imported sheep
Sheep imported to Irish flocks must retain the tag numbers applied to them in their country of origin and can no longer be retagged.
18 May 2022 Sheep handling
Farmer Writes: twins with a twist and a strange incident in the night
Taking part in the latest rollout of the DNA registration pilot programme lead to an unexpected twin twist on Tommy Moyles’ farm.
4 May 2022 Farmer Writes
Letter: support for a national genotyping programme for all calves
'Our competitors in developed agricultural economies are using extensive levels of genotyping in their herds.' - John O’Sullivan, Lisduff, Whitechurch, Co Cork
23 March 2022 Letters
Gerry Boyle: research investment needed to reduce emissions
'Once that new technology becomes embedded in practice, it yields dividends for several years after its development' – Gerry Boyle
23 March 2022 Opinion
Three calves dumped on road in Galway
The dead calves were dumped on a residential road before being removed by authorities.
16 March 2022 News
Farmer Writes: DNA and Darwin’s destruction
Tommy Moyles farm escaped the brunt of the latest storms but brought back memories of storm Darwin's destruction.
23 February 2022 Farmer Writes
DNA registration should not be left on the long finger
At farm level, the dividend for a DNA system would be increased accuracy around the key genetic indices used to make breeding decisions.
16 February 2022 Editorial