Grass-measuring drone trials show promising results
Noel Bardon
'Swarms' of drones could be sent to cover large areas of grassland, aiding grassland management by providing farmers with the information they need to better grow and utilise grass.
24 May 2022 News
Farmer Writes: what goes up must come down
Farmer Joe Collingborn talks food security, grain prices and the benefits of using his new Hereford bull this year.
29 April 2022 News
Minister Noonan calls for ‘thorough investigation’ into Galway bog fire
The fire occurred beside the N84 Headford Road on Wednesday and the area is an important conservation area for curlew.
Illegal burning a ‘scourge on society’ – Minister Noonan
Minister Noonan also said that he will soon progressing a review of the Wildlife Act.
31 March 2022 News