Northern Ireland
The A to Z of NI farming in 2023
Peter McCann
Peter McCann reviews what the past 12 months has meant for farming in Northern Ireland.
22 November 2023 News
Inherited land eligible for income tax lease relief
A seven-year holding requirement has been placed on purchased farm land before it can qualify for income tax relief on long-term leasing arrangements.
25 October 2023 News
Milk levy bump drives income boost at Macra
Milk levies more than compensated for Macra's lower membership fee income in 2022.
ICSA to launch mental health and well-being initiative at this year's Ploughing
Failed succession, marriage breakdown, parent alienation and family disputes are just some of the issues ICSA Life Focus aims to help farm families with.
18 September 2023 News
NI land mobility scheme to close
The land mobility scheme was managed by John McCallister and led to 125 separate deals covering 19,000 acres of land.
30 August 2023 Northern Ireland