Climate action required ‘urgently’ to address impact of Ukraine war – McGuinness
Barry Murphy
European Commissioner Mairead McGuinness says there are opportunities for member states to address the concerns of agriculture when it comes to the impact of the war in Ukraine.
17 August 2022 Dealer
Reilly returning to Brussels
Mairead McGuinness's new chef de cabinet has a decade of experience in the European Commission.
27 July 2022 Features
Radio series “Despite all the technology, radio remains an unbelievable medium”
“Get off the phone Grandad”. Amii McKeever interrupted WLRFM’s Kieran O'Connors babysitting duties to pose a few questions for our agri-radio journalism series.
Dairy farmers should not be vilified for expanding - McGuinness
Commissioner McGuinness said that farmers who expanded should not be blamed for climate change. However, policy must change if an environmental problem is identified.
29 June 2022 News
CAP budget needs a strong defence
The "Future of Europe" event highlighted the competition CAP faces for the funding needed to guarantee food security for Europe.
29 June 2022 Dealer
Weaponising of grain by Putin is 'appalling' - McGuinness
Commissioner McGuinness said that blocking food for people who need it is "the worst of the worst".
24 June 2022 News