Irish farmers concerned about future input cost increases
Amy Forde
Galway IFA chair Anne Mitchell expressed the IFA’s support for the people of Ukraine, especially the farming community.
9 March 2022 News
Discussion needed on value we put on food – McGuinness
There will be parts of society that will find it very difficult if they have to pay more for energy and more for food, Mairead McGuinness has said.
4 March 2022 News
Don’t take food for granted – McGuinness on war in Ukraine
Commissioner McGuinness said that the real concern is that if Ukraine does not plant because of the war, it will have a big impact on global supplies.
CAP reform and live exports discussed by IFA and Commissioner McGuinness
IFA president Tim Cullinan said he highlighted concerns about escalating input prices on farm margins.
9 December 2021 News
Change is for real, but it’s going take time and money to do it right
In 1989, the world decided to take action against the destruction of the ozone layer. COP26 is over but it remains to be seen if they have they done it right this time? Amii McKeever reports.
17 November 2021 Amii
The royal gloves were off on Sunday
The Dealer was looking at the match programme carefully last Sunday while watching the Royals make the jump from intermediate to senior in dramatic fashion.
8 September 2021 Dealer
You won’t admit it, but do you think equality is all a bit 'fluffy'?
Companies and their leaders playing lip service to gender equality are doing the industry a disservice. Progress is slow, and without proactive policies, nothing will change, writes Amii McKeever.
2 June 2021 Amii
Long read: who speaks for rural Ireland?
The 2020 general election saw a seismic shift in representation from rural constituencies. Pat O'Toole examines the forces at play in this shifting political landscape.
15 May 2021 Opinion
McGuinness defends Mercosur and talks Farm to Fork with IFA council
European Financial Services Commissioner Mairead McGuinness joined an IFA council meeting and heard about the issues facing Irish farmers.
12 March 2021 News
‘Money, money money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world’
Mairead McGuinness has joined other notable women in the finance world; her comment on this “they are noted as they are the exception.” Ahead of IWD Amii McKeever spoke with the new Commissioner.
3 March 2021 Amii
Funding climate change initiatives a central function now for McGuinneses
Stepping into the position of Irish Commissioner in the finance portfolio is no easy move but Mairead McGuinness has never been one to shirk from a challenge. Writes Amii McKeever.
3 March 2021 Features
EU shift to financing ‘sustainable’ activities – McGuinness
For farmers, the major focus in the arena of sustainable finance will be on land use.
16 February 2021 EU