Livestock measures could be added to proposed eco scheme – Markey
Noel Bardon
It was initally thought that eco-scheme options that benefit animal performance and the environment would not be approved by the Commission, but 'flexibility' has been shown by Brussels, Markey said.
8 April 2022 News
Cap cow numbers for new entrants, dairy group proposes
A common policy on milk intake from new entrants has been proposed by the Food Vision dairy group.
23 February 2022 Breeding & health
Top tips for understanding CellCheck reports
Michelle McGrath, assistant programme manager for CellCheck in Animal Health Ireland, outlines the steps involved in interpreting CellCheck reports.
‘Robust’ definition of active farmer needed - Macra
The definition of an active farmer should be someone who farms the land, whether that be part-time or full-time, Macra has said.
12 December 2021 News
McCormack highlights the needs for dairy TAMS
The ICMSA president highlighted the wide range of issues affecting dairy farmers as raised at the ICMSA AGM.
8 December 2021 News
Macra calls for eco schemes on faecal sampling and milk recording
Macra looks for faecal sampling and milk recording to be a part of the eco scheme proposals to tackle anti-microbial resistance.
24 November 2021 News
Climate Action Plan: farming’s sectoral target lands as expected
We now know that farming must reduce it’s carbon footprint by 22-30%, but can we hit that target?
10 November 2021 News
How to successfully dry off your herd
Michelle McGrath from Animal Health Ireland outlines the steps involved in ensuring a successful drying-off procedure.
13 October 2021 Breeding & health
Dairy Management: milk recording and cull cows
Aidan Brennan says now is the time to book in the final milk recording of the year.
13 October 2021 Management
Dairylink: assessing the parlour and milking routine
The aim is to get cows milked quickly and efficiently while avoiding damage to teats, writes David Wright.
29 September 2021 Dairylink
More milk when age at first calving is reduced
An AFBI / AHDB study has highlighted that heifers calved at two years have higher lifetime performance.
15 September 2021 News
Barryroe supplier refining milk performance
Tadhg Hurley is farming near Kilbrittain deep in cow country in west Cork supplying Barryroe Co-op.
8 September 2021 Milk quality