Best practice in milking courses to run across the country
Niamh Murphy
Teagasc, in conjunction with FRS Training, the Department of Agriculture and Animal Health Ireland (AHI) are running four two-day milking courses across four locations.
27 March 2024 Buildings
Greenfield dairy unit with all the bells and whistles
John Keane has created a top-spec, new build parlour, handling area and cubicle accommodation for his new dairy enterprise in Mayo.
13 January 2024 News
Share your views on Revenue's new VAT rules
Let us know in the form below how the changes are affecting you.
VAT changes to have serious implications for investment
Aidan Brennan says that the recent changes to the interpretation of the VAT rules means that many farmers will be out of pocket and investment will be postponed.
3 January 2024 Dairy Equipment
Milk Quality Ireland calls for restoration of VAT refund on farm equipment
Recent changes brought in by Revenue are affecting the VAT refund items on farms, such as milk bulk tanks, milking parlour equipment, meal bins, automatic calf feeders and automatic scrapers.
12 December 2023 News
Changes to VAT rules 'slash' TAMS grant rate to 24%
The recent changes to non-VAT registered farmers being able to reclaim VAT on certain items has slashed the percentage grant rate that farmers will receive.
6 December 2023 News
Exited pigs to focus on dairying
The move away from pig farming has allowed the O'Leary farm in Cork to concentrate fully on producing quality milk.
1 November 2023 Milk quality