European Commission launches public consultation on nitrates directive
Rachel Donovan
Farmers are invited to share their views on the possible revision of the nitrates directive via an online consultation.
23 November 2023 News
Continued focus on water quality essential for dairy future
Ireland's dairy sector has experienced a phenomenal decade, but will continue to have to adapt to changes in policy as they arise over the next decade, Dairy Day heard.
Local authorities need to carry out more farm inspections - EPA
More farm inspections and follow-up enforcement is needed to reduce the risk of agricultural activities negatively impacting on water quality, an EPA report has found.
Map: Raw sewage discharging into rivers from 26 towns and villages
The EPA has said that Uisce Éireann must use its new investment plan to end pollution of our rivers and coastal waters from wastewater.
26 October 2023 News
Letter regarding nitrate management.
"We need to develop these options rather than jumping to an animal cull or chasing paper grass acres." - Prof Kevin McDonnell, Professor Crop Science & Biosystems Engineering, UCD
11 October 2023 Letters
70% grant aid on slurry storage for farmers in budget
Minister McConalogue stated that the change will improve nutrient usage and help decrease the need for chemical fertiliser.
11 October 2023 News
Facts matter in debate around Lough Neagh
We have to do better around water quality in NI, but others have to step up as well.
27 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Up to 30 AD plants planned by new biomethane company
Nephin Renewable Gas aims to develop 20 to 30 large anaerobic digestion plants and is offering farmers 15-year feedstock agreements.
20 September 2023 News
Balanced soil nutrient profile can help reduce nitrogen rates
Rather than reaching for a bag of nitrogen when crop performance starts to drop, a more viable alternative could be boosting levels of other nutrients in the soil profile throughout the summer.
Forage crops an option for livestock and tillage farmers to link up
Where farmers are facing a fodder deficit and difficulties sourcing additional fodder, forage crops may be a viable option.
15 August 2023 Grass & feeding
How does dairy farming respond to 220kg limit?
While we can criticise the derogation deal the Government signed up to, it's likely to be better than any derogation deal they ever get again.
19 July 2023 Opinion
Irish cows are solar-powered - FSAI vet
More emphasis must be placed on how and why produce from grass-fed herds is better and healthier for consumers, Dr Micheál O’Mahony has said.
18 July 2023 News