Are we burying our head in the sand on calf issues?
Adam Woods
Adam Woods takes a look at this week’s calf focus and asks why more progress isn’t being made on DNA calf registration.
18 January 2023 Breeding & health
Making the most of your ICBF weanling performance report
The BEEP-S programme provided vital financial assistance to the suckler sector. However, using the data from the scheme is where the real value lies for farmers. Declan Marren reports.
18 January 2023 Management
Ballyvadin Beef Farm – a new dawn for dairy beef
Adam Woods has details of a new dairy calf-to-beef demonstration farm being set up by Teagasc, in conjunction with Dawn Meats and Carbery Co-op.
40% of CEOs think organisation won't be viable in a decade
A robust risk assessment of the short- and medium-term challenges facing your business is key this year.
17 January 2023 News
Farmer income fears for year ahead
The latest Irish Farmers Journal farmer survey reveals apprehension among farmers for incomes for the year ahead. On balance, though, farmers are still positive about their business.
4 January 2023 News
Thrive: O- cattle leave €250/head lower margin than R- grading animals
Declan Marren examines the financial cost of poorer conformation animals within the Thrive programme.
27 December 2022 Breeding & health
Top third of CBV cattle deliver €31/head more profit
The introduction of the Commercial Beef Value (CBV) has the potential to deliver for both beef farmer and dairy farmer in the future.
21 December 2022 Breeding & health
Nitrates - broad brushstroke stocking rate ill-judged
Farmers will, or at least should have, no problem with many of the proposed positive changes to manage nutrients.
14 December 2022 Viewpoints
End to pig farm income ‘horrors’ in 2023 – Teagasc
Pig farms are set to see fortunes somewhat turn in 2023 following a year where they incurred average losses of €422,000.
14 December 2022 Pigs
Home Farm: genetic value information crucial
Given the low profitability in the system, maximum utilisation of grazed grass is going to be essential.
30 November 2022 Viewpoints
In pictures: Thrive stock slaughter performance
Last week's beef page detailed the financial performance of the Thrive stock finished this year. This week, Declan Marren outlines what a typical dairy beef animal is achieving on the farm.
30 November 2022 Breeding & health
Letter regarding calf slaughter
"I would like to strongly refute the notion that calf slaughter is a necessity for the dairy sector going forward." - Padraig Motherway, Barnfield, Ballymacoda, Co Cork
23 November 2022 Letters