Dempsey at Large: legislating for national and corporate climate goals
Matt Dempsey
Farmers have real scope to have on-farm practices that capture carbon – and not just in hedges.
4 May 2022 Editorial
Editorial: organics look like the only future for suckling
Looking beyond the current year, the Teagasc 2027 roadmap for suckling continues to question the economic benefits of operating at high stocking levels.
4 May 2022 Management
Higher margins with less stock in 2022 – Teagasc analysis
Adam Woods takes a look at some analysis by Teagasc researchers in Grange on the current economics of beef production systems.
Dempsey at Large: scratching the scientific surface
The John Innes centre in Norwich, UK, is making progress in identifying specific mechanisms to allow crops such as wheat to fix its own nitrogen the way normal legume plants do.
4 May 2022 Opinion
Callan Bacon returns to profit
Repayment of loans and reduced turnover but return to profitability for Callan Bacon under new ownership.
6 April 2022 News
Lowering age at slaughter key to reducing GHG emissions
A look at a new report being launched by ABP and ICBF this week detailing the GHG emissions of beef animals.
6 April 2022 News
Trelleborg sells tyre division to Yokohama
The Swedish-based Trelleborg Group has agreed a €2.1bn deal to sell its Trelleborg Wheels Systems business to Yokohama Rubber Company.
6 April 2022 News
Only factories and farmers can truly fix that relationship
Whether it is an ombudsman or office for fairness and transparency, the farmer-factory relationship cannot be legislated for.
1 April 2022 News
Editorial: is there an appetite to save the pig sector?
Historic levels of profit in the pig sector should in no way inhibit State funding going to support its survival.
30 March 2022 Editorial
Machinery costing – a new approach based on fuel usage
With the rising cost of machine ownership, the breakeven cost for each operation has become more difficult, writes Michael Moroney from the Association of Farm & Forestry Contractors in Ireland.
30 March 2022 Contracting
Gerry Boyle: research investment needed to reduce emissions
'Once that new technology becomes embedded in practice, it yields dividends for several years after its development' – Gerry Boyle
23 March 2022 Opinion
Can sucklers shine in 2022?
Adam Woods looks at what’s in this week’s suckler focus.
9 March 2022 Breeding & health