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It has been three years since China lifted the BSE ban on Irish beef, however no beef has hit the Chinese market yet.
By Amy Forde on 15 February 2018
Announcement on China lifting BSE ban welcome but still a long way to go before the first beef is exported.
By Phelim O'Neill on 08 February 2018
China lifts ban on UK beef
Three years after Ireland was granted access to the Chinese beef market, Theresa May has announced that the Chinese ban on UK beef has been lifted.
By Michael Keaveny on 01 February 2018
BSE status change on APHIS, Winter Fair close of entry and book by Alan Kyle available to buy.
By David Wright on 23 November 2017
Food scares will become more common place in Britain as supply chains become more complex post-Brexit.
By Justin McCarthy on 29 October 2017
New system verifies BSE, BVD and Scotch PGI credentials, giving a guarantee to trading countries.
By Sarah Anderson on 26 October 2017
A leading Irish diplomat is confident that access for Irish beef to the enormous and lucrative Chinese market is close.
By Patrick Donohoe on 09 September 2017
UK approved for beef exports to the Philippines
The Filipino market is estimated to be worth £34m to the UK beef industry over the next five years.
By Peter McCann on 14 August 2017
Changes to BSE status in NI are likely to leave the rendering sector over capacity and exploring other options.
By David Wright on 03 August 2017
NI gets negligible risk BSE status, machinery the cause of most farm deaths and UFU ready to fight Marshall court case.
By Peter McCann on 27 July 2017
Shipments from the two countries can officially benefit from the safest BSE classification from this Thursday.
By Thomas Hubert on 27 July 2017
World Organisation for Animal Health ruling could open up new markets
By Sarah Anderson on 27 July 2017
The EU Mercosur trade deal is scheduled for completion in December, while the US has had a BSE scare.
By Amy Forde on 20 July 2017
The US Department of Agriculture has confirmed that an 11-year-old cow in Alabama has tested positive for atypical BSE, but did not enter the food chain.
By Amy Forde on 19 July 2017
Contaminated feed the most likely source of isolated BSE cases
Between 2005 and 2015 about 73,000,000 cattle were tested for BSE in the EU, out of which 60 born after the ban tested positive for classical BSE.
By Amy Forde on 14 July 2017
A team from South Korea are in Ireland with hopes growing that Irish beef could soon be sold in the lucrative market.
By Patrick Donohoe on 15 June 2017
BSE negligible risk status for Scotland
The World Organisation for Animal Health has changed Scotland's BSE risk status to negligible.
By John Sleigh on 03 June 2017
Fewer parts of the beef carcase will be going for rendering as a result of NI achieving BSE negligible risk status last week.
By Peter McCann on 01 June 2017
It will be 2021 before the Republic of Ireland will be eligible to change its BSE status and 2020 before England and Wales can apply.
By Odile Evans on 01 June 2017
As revealed on today, Northern Ireland and Scotland were granted negligible BSE risk status by OIE at their annual conference in Paris. But what does it mean for farmers?
By Phelim O'Neill on 25 May 2017
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