Rural GP shortage: avoiding the abyss
Margaret Hawkins
Continuing our series on rural GP shortage, Margaret Hawkins talks to doctors’ organisations representatives about their ‘shopping list’ of solutions to ensure equal medical care for rural people.
21 September 2022 Health
Side-stepping waiting lists - surgery abroad
On a waiting list for a hip or knee replacement operation? The cost of surgery can be fully or partly reimbursed if you travel to Northern Ireland or to Europe.
21 September 2022 Health
Rural healthcare: doctors under pressure
This week Margaret Hawkins looks at what has caused access to GPs to become a problem, especially in rural Ireland.
Investigation Part 1: Doctor shortage causing strife
In the first part of our four-week rural healthcare series, Margaret Hawkins looks at patients’ struggles to access GP care.
14 September 2022 Health
First national maternity bereavement care experience survey launched
The first national maternity bereavement survey has been launched to shape future healthcare for families following baby loss.
7 September 2022 Features
Health: starting college on the right foot
Starting college this September? We have some tips to help keep you well.
7 September 2022 Health
Desperate Farmwife: will women’s health ever really be taken seriously?
Religious, secular - our Desperate Farmwife feels these arguments are moot when you consider the approach women’s health has historically been consistently poor.
8 June 2022 Features