A total of 39 new telehandlers were registered in May, meaning registrations are running 11.43% above the same month last year, according to the Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA).

Taking the year to date, a total of 278 new telehandlers were registered up to the end of May 2022, up almost 5% on the 265 units recorded in the same period last year.

Cork (52 units), Meath (50 units) and Wexford (21 units) are the counties that recorded the highest levels of registrations.

Meanwhile, 22 new wheel loaders were registered in May meaning registrations were up 4.5% on the same month last year.

This brings the total wheel loader registrations for the first five months of 2022 to 110 units, up marginally (almost 2%) on the corresponding year to date figure of 108 units in 2021.

A total of 34 new backhoe loaders have been registered for the year to date. This is up over 6% on the 32 units registered in the same period last year, while just 19 units were registered in the same period in 2020.