At E-FARM.COM this is possible thanks to an innovative service offer of inspection, transport, and warranty.

"We guarantee safety and reliability in demanding times," says Joshua Belmonte of E-FARM.COM.

From work shoes to lawnmowers, everything is bought online today. Only when it comes to used agricultural machinery do many farmers still go the old way - and thus miss out on the opportunity to safely purchase low-priced machines, as well as get access to a selection of offers that local dealers simply cannot provide. Since 2015, the German online trading platform E-FARM.COM has therefore taken an innovative approach to modernise the market for used agricultural machinery:

The international team has access to thousands of used agricultural machines in all price classes across Europe through a close-knit network of more than 1,100 partner dealers and can thus optimally meet the most diverse requirements of farmers and contractors. Those who already found a suitable machine online, but are unsure about how to contact the dealer, can easily get in touch with the multi-lingual team.

Farmers can also find rare models or special equipment features through the personal advice of the E-FARM team. Especially now, when delivery problems to the manufacturers are reducing the supply in the agricultural machinery market, you can still find what you are looking for via E-FARM.COM.

Safety through innovation

"Safety when buying used machinery is our top priority," says Joshua Belmonte, sales consultant for the Irish and British markets.

He explains: "With our neutral pre-purchase machine inspection by our partner DEKRA, we can ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises after the purchase is completed."

After completion of the thorough inspection and test drive, the customer receives a multi-page inspection report with many details, photos, and videos. This makes it possible to buy machines from abroad with confidence.

"Especially in times of Covid, another advantage of our E-FARM inspection has become apparent", Joshua explains, "many of my customers were simply happy to be able to meet their machinery needs despite the restrictions, without having to leave their farm.”

E-FARM.COM also offers security, especially when it comes to payment.

"We realise that no one likes to transfer large sums of money to unknown machinery dealers abroad," Josh says, "so E-FARM.COM steps in as a contractual partner and thus bears all the risks of the purchase."

The company has also been offering purchases on account for some time now, thus creating even more trust. For those who want to sell their old machine right away, a new used-for-used concept is an option.

Machinery transport made easy

However, the start-up's offer does not end with the purchase. For years, the company has been working closely with reliable transport companies throughout Europe, which is why E-FARM.COM can also offer attractive prices here. Joshua Belmonte says that despite the limited mobility during the past two years, especially in border traffic, all machines purchased via E-FARM.COM have reached their buyer within normal delivery times without any problems.

"Especially in the challenges of the current time, it has been shown that we are taking a crisis-proof path with our approach. The future of buying used machinery has long since begun," says Belmonte. "I am glad to see that our services are helping farmers avoid downtime."

Ready to try E-FARM.COM? At you are guaranteed to find quality machines to suit your needs - at the best price.