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Delivering sustainable Irish Dairy

In this month’s magazine, read recent Studies by The European Milk Forum, which signal the need for a shared responsibility on climate change action. We discuss the demand for further action on climate change and sustainability.

Find out how the majority of Irish farmers are now certified under the Origin Green scheme.

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Choosing dairy during lockdown

We review figures on the increased dairy consumption habits during the lockdown period and how price and nutritional value still have a much greater influence on our food purchasing decisions, than carbon footprint or sustainability.

A day in the life of John and Sally McKenna

We speak to renowned food writers John and Sally McKenna about how their versatile backgrounds and brave career decisions have led them to their latest book, titled MILK.

Divulging on their career’s best bits and unusual obstacles, it is an eye opening conversation with two of Ireland’s top food experts.

Supporting a healthy body and mind in challenging times

Over recent years our health and Wellbeing Evenings have proven successful. During the pandemic, we continued providing practical guidance and education to communities, through successful webinars and online channels.

Working with experienced experts, the NDC’s Health & Wellbeing series offers coping advice on the physical and mental aspects of the virus.

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Leinter Tennis and NDC partner up

The new partnership between Leinster Tennis and NDC works to raise awareness on a number of important features of healthy eating, focusing on the healthy role dairy can play in an athletic diet.

Registered NDC nutritionist Caroline Gunn speaks to us about the benefits of dairy in sports performance and recovery; whilst Pat Divilly provides some welcomed motivation to sports people nationwide.

Open page 9 of The Dairy Magazine to get the full conversations.

Moo-ving throughout home schooling

When schools shut indefinitely in March, home schooling commenced and students began missing the school classroom structure.

To help, the NDC developed a number of virtual alternatives, including The Moo Crew online programme for primary school goers, offering an array of interactive educational activities and resources. In conjunction with educational experts, children are taught about nutrition, dairy food, farming and much more.

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Focus on Eamon Carroll

In this interview the Tipperary native and chairman of the NDC is keen to communicate the message of Irish dairy to consumers.

Realistic and frank, Eamon discusses the challenges facing Irish dairy today; on maintaining a grass based system, whilst aiming to reduce the carbon emissions per litre of milk, along with the unresolved threat of Brexit.

Get the full interview on page 11 of this month’s magazine.

Keeping informed on the benefits of dairy

Produced by the NDC, the Dairy Nutrition Forum is a scientific publication which summarises the latest nutritional dairy research. Concise and up to date, each article is written by expert scientists and researchers.

The most recent publication focuses on the role of dairy in supporting maternal and infant health and development.

Download your copy from the Health Professional section of the NDC website.

Advertising in challenging times

Although challenging for us all, COVID-19 has provided an opportunity to positively engage consumers with Irish dairy.

In April we launched our televised producer advocacy campaign, to celebrate top quality Irish dairy farm produce - showcasing the hard work and care that farmers dedicate to their land and animals.

The May campaign highlighted some of our favourite home-made dairy moments. Real and familiar, the footage shows the importance of dairy in Irish homes.

On 1 June, the NDC celebrated World Milk Day, focusing on nutrition, community and enjoyment. The celebrations saw the country Raise a Glass to Irish dairy.

Global dairy news

As the EU announces the largest climate promise ever made, we reveal the budget figures, and agreements inside the latest Dairy Magazine.

Although the exact origin of COVID-19 remains under scrutiny, we provide research which reaffirms domestic livestock production as safe; and despite much misinformation, has not played a role in the spread of the virus.

As global dairy prices bounce back from coronavirus stump, we review the factors that pushed dairy prices to an 18-month low in May.

Vitural farm walks

2020 was the first year the NDC & Kerrygold Quality Milk Awards did not go ahead in the usual form. Instead, partnering bodies worked to produce a virtual walk on the award winning Co Waterford farm.

Live from Kieran Hearne’s calving shed, the panel of judges discussed with Kieran the intricacies of producing award winning milk.

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