A new system of agricultural support based around four different tiers has been proposed for farmers in Scotland.

The plan, which was announced by the Scottish government on Monday, includes a base payment “to support active farming and food producers”.

This payment comes under tier 1 and requires compliance with certain standards around climate and biodiversity.

An enhanced payment is available under tier 2 for farms that are “highly effective” in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and nature restoration.

Tiers 3 and 4 are indirect payments that are targeted at a wide range of issues.


This includes supply chain support, restoring nature, knowledge transfer, tree planting and peatland restoration.

Exact payment rates for each tier are not included in the document, with the proposals now subject to a public consultation exercise.

“Instead of more plans and declarations, we need a policy that supports farm output, supports the measures that will help us cut our carbon footprint and supports the measures that will enhance biodiversity,” said NFU Scotland president Martin Kennedy.