The ‘crop on camera’ was approaching mid-tillering at the start of last week and it was time for herbicide application. Rain in the week prior to application allowed weeds to emerge, as growth had been slow up to then.

Some of the weeds present in the field included chickweed, speedwell, shepherd’s purse and wild carrot. Oilseed rape volunteers were also present.

Herbicide was applied to the crop on Friday 7 May and by Monday, weeds were showing signs of dying back.

The mix in the sprayer tank contained herbicides for broad-leaved weed control. A sulphonyl urea (SU), Quantum Max SX, was applied at 45g/ha, along with Binder at 0.5l/ha. Binder contains fluroxypyr, which gives good control of broad-leaved weeds including chickweed, some of which has become resistant to the SU herbicides.

Herbicide was taking effect on Monday, following application on Friday.

Recent rain will have helped weeds to emerge in most crops around the country, which, if weather allows, may be sprayed over the coming week or so.

The field has a known manganese deficiency and the seed was dressed with manganese. Wolftrax Manganese was applied with the herbicide application, but not at a full rate, as the seed dressing had already been used.

Early attention is essential for nutrient deficiencies. It is important to pay attention to deficiencies to increase crop yield and reduce stress on the plant.

Weather conditions have been harsh since planting. Recent cold temperatures and strong winds have not been ideal for growth, while crops suffered moisture stress at early emergence.

Providing a crop with its required nutrition helps to decrease plant stress. This is particularly important to reduce Ramularia , following the loss of chlorothalonil.

Weeds present

  • Chickweed.
  • Speedwell.
  • Shepherd’s purse.
  • Wild carrot.
  • Volunteer oilseed rape.
  • Herbicide and nutrition applied

  • Quantum Max SX 45g/ha (18g/ac).
  • Binder 0.5L/ha (0.2L/ac).
  • Wolftrax Manganese 185g/ha (75g/ac).
  • Crop details

  • Variety: RGT Planet.
  • Sowing date: 23 March.
  • Growth stage: GS24.