Devenish returns to profit despite lower sales
David Wright
The Belfast-based animal feed company is back in profit after recording losses in the previous financial year.
18 July 2022 Crops
Variability in winter barley harvest continues as yield spread widens
With some recent yields now above 4.2t/ac, questions will be asked about the exact causes of yield loss in poorer crops.
Farmers must adjust to new cost landscape
An investment that makes the business more efficient is still a good investment.
Millions of cans of infant formula shipped to US from Ireland
There is a shortage of infant formula in the US at present, due to the discovery of a dangerous bacteria in formula produced at one of Abbott Nutrition's plants.
25 May 2022 News
Trouw launches FeedPrint programme
FeedPrint is to be rolled out across Trouw Nutrition customers this spring.
18 May 2022 Northern Ireland
Health bytes: from myths about food and cancer to antivirals for COVID-19
Want to sort myths from truth about food and cancer? Ever heard of the drugs, Wegovy and Paxlovid? Fancy volunteering to develop palliative care services? Margaret Hawkins has these Health bytes.
27 April 2022 Health
Thrive weekly roundup: calf rearing video update and how to increase meal intake
This week's dairy beef programme update has a video from the Thrive demo farm, where 150 calves are now being reared, along with our five top tips on how to increase meal intake in calves pre-weaning.
16 April 2022 Management
Biopesticides, biostimulants: what are they and how do they work?
Olga Lastovetsky and Angela Feechan of UCD explain how some of the ‘bio’ products currently work, what legislation they fall under and research that’s under way into these products.
13 April 2022 Crop protection
What food is more sustainable? "That would be an ecumenical matter!"
Is it now fallacy to ascribe to the belief that when it comes to our views and opinions on food, the environment and other people’s lives, we are all entitled to our own opinion?
13 April 2022 Amii
Rising food prices leading to famine in Somalia – Concern Worldwide
Rising food prices due to the impact of the war in Ukraine are already contributing to greater levels of drought in some African countries.
13 April 2022 News
Forage and fertility driving herd out
John and Claire Beckett run 150 cows in a high-input, high-output system that places a strong focus on milk from forage.
15 March 2022 Northern Ireland
G7 agriculture ministers express 'grave concern' for food security
G7 agriculture ministers and EU leaders meet on Friday and share fears about food supply as a result of Russia invading Ukraine.
11 March 2022 News