The importance of nutrient recycling
Andy Doyle
The nutrients we apply on farms for plant production cycle through the whole food system and surplus nutrients from animals and humans need to be recycled for food production.
16 November 2022 News
Managing production costs the theme of Winter Milk Week 2022
The week will consist of on-farm walks in counties Wexford, Cork, Meath, Monaghan and Roscommon.
9 November 2022 News
Climate solutions must be reached in an inclusive, farmer-driven process - IFA
IFA president Tim Cullinan and european director Liam MacHale are attending COP27 in Egypt this week.
Minister McConalogue to address major ag-food conference in Paris
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is meeting in Paris this Thursday and Friday.
3 November 2022 News
Top beauty boosting nutrition tips
Nutritionist Laurann O’Reilly provides her top beauty boosting tips to achieve a healthy glow from our diet.
2 November 2022 Health
Thrive: straw bales out with calves at grass
Poor weather conditions has seen straw bales being offered to the calves at grass in order to keep dietary fibre in check.
26 October 2022 Grass & feeding
Nutrition: brain food for brain fog
Nutritionist Laurann O’Reilly discusses how to boost your brain, improve your memory and concentration.
19 October 2022 Health
Irish feed industry taking lead on carbon
The drive for carbon audits on farms will be driven by customers for the likes of milk, beef and lamb.
19 October 2022 News
New fertiliser training course launched for co-op workers
There are 13 co-ops and over 30 employees participating in the programme.
18 October 2022 News
Adding a punch to your porridge
Add flavour to your porridge with these simple recipes.
15 October 2022 Recipes
Nutrition: beat the bloat
Nutritionist Laurann O’Reilly guides us with some practical nutritional and lifestyle strategies that may provide you with some relief from the dreaded bloat.
12 October 2022 Health
Managing BCS can save up to €85/cow this winter
Strategic use of cow body condition can play a significant role in keeping wintering costs in check, writes Declan Marren.
5 October 2022 Grass & feeding