Grain markets showed no positives this week. Prices continued to drop at home and away and while they’re not there yet, they are heading back towards harvest 2020 price territory. However, a lot could change between now and harvest.

Barley in harvest 2020 was at about €160/t. In 2021, harvest prices were up at €210/t, €100/t above this in 2022 and back at €200 to €210/t in 2023.

Grain from the Black Sea is pressuring markets. Ample supplies continue to make their way on to the market.

Maize is also expected to be in good supply. Planting progress of Brazil’s second crop is moving well.

This week, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) said that barley will track the wider grains market.

Malting barley

This week, farmers in Donegal were offered €240/t for malting barley. This price is subject to charges.

The spot price for FOB Creil malting barley hit €278/t this week. With an increase in barley planting expected across Europe, malting barley prices are a watchpoint.

European prices

Matif wheat for December 2024 finished last week at €225.75/t. That’s a drop of €10.50/t since the first week of January. On Wednesday afternoon 7 February, that price was at €222/t.

French maize for November is down €18/t since the start of the year. It finished last week at €192/t. On Wednesday afternoon, it had dropped another €2/t.

French November oilseed rape was at €420.25/t on Wednesday afternoon, up slightly on last week’s close.

Rapeseed prices had jumped to €423.50/t on Tuesday evening. Soyabeans are expected to be in good supply from South America and rapeseed will be impacted by this, but a reduction of rapeseed in Europe is reported to be a help to markets.

Native prices

Prices at home have dropped in recent weeks, following wider trends. Spot barley is reported down approximately €10/t in a month to €215/t and lower in cases.

Wheat is reported to have taken a lower drop, with spot prices at €230/t and below. November prices are similar. Maize imports are at €215/t. Soya into the country jumped up this week to €515/t.

Tirlán bonuses

Tirlán announced the payment of its co-op bonuses this week. Harvest base price for spring barley was €195/t. That is now being topped up with the bonus. Grain suppliers who spent over €60/t on inputs will receive a €10/t bonus. A spend of €50-60/t will give you a bonus of €7.50/t and €40-50/t results in a bonus of €5/t excl VAT.