If Irish beef PGI could follow Irish whiskey lead . . .
Phelim O'Neill
It is a very different product and market, but the success of Irish whiskey in export markets could inspire a PGI grass fed beef brand.
22 November 2023 Markets
Grain Trends: oilseed prices positive as wheat slips
Wheat prices slipped this week, continuing to follow the downward trend of late. Plantings in Europe will be a watchpoint.
8 November 2023 News
Brazil is now the superpower to watch on agricultural markets
Dan Basse is an economist who forecasts and researches agricultural commodity markets across the world.
ICSA seeks €250/ha rescue package for tillage farmers
A rescue package needs to respect the scale of the disaster, the ICSA has said. It is proposing a set of payments worth up to €250/ha, to a maximum €10,000 per farmer.
3 November 2023 News
Grain Trends: soya price explodes but no jump on wheat
Wheat markets remain sluggish, but soya stocks are tight across the globe and are likely to remain tight for another few months.
1 November 2023 Markets
Organics, Donegal isolation and unity feature big at IFA debate
The IFA presidential debate roadshow continued this week, with candidates travelling to Donegal.
31 October 2023 News
River levels decline in four essential trade routes
US Economist Dan Basse of AgResource Company was talking at the Barnett Hall conference last week.
31 October 2023 News
South America's sustainability to be examined at conference
The Barnett-Hall Conference takes place this week. The grain trading company’s conference provides market insights, forecasts and predictions for the year ahead.
25 October 2023 News
The future of Irish whiskey will be secured by farms
Irish whiskey has to compete on the world market and to do that, it needs to have an edge. Irish grain can be that edge.
25 October 2023 News
Investigating the right and the wrong variety for alcohol production
The new research centre will bring grain from trials in the field and allow grain to be tested for malting, brewing and distilling characteristics.
25 October 2023 News
IFA calls for support for tillage farmers as crops go unharvested
A number of growers, particularly in the south and south east of the country, still have unharvested spring cereals remaining in fields, the IFA has stressed.
24 October 2023 News
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Brief news snippets from Ukraine, USA, New Zealand and Netherlands/Belgium.
18 October 2023 World