Following the signing of an exclusive supply agreement with Netherlands-based Tobroco-Giant, Doosan has confirmed the details of the five new model range of 3.5t to 5t compact wheel loaders which are now available.

Comprising of the DL60-7, DL65-7, DL80-7, DL85-7 and DL80TL-7 models, Doosan says the compact wheel loaders are designed to cover a wide range of applications including agriculture, construction and materials handling etc. Tobroco-Giant will build the selected loaders in the orange colours of Doosan and will be sold under the Doosan name throughout its European dealer network.

The DL60-7 and DL65-7 are driven by a 66hp Stage V engine, while the Stage V engine in the DL80-7, DL85-7 and DL80TL-7 provides 75hp at 1,500rpm. The range features a hydrostatic four-wheel drive transmission, with the brake pedal providing an inching function. Top speed in the DL60-7 and DL65-7 is 30km/h, while the DL80-7, DL85-7 and DL80TL-7 have a top travel speed of 35km/h.

Three versions of the cab are available from a safety roof as standard up to a fully enclosed roof with an air-suspended seat, an adjustable steering column and air conditioning.

Thanks to an optional tandem pump, a double-acting spool valve can be fitted in the rear, and up to three double-acting spool valves can be fitted on the lift arm. A high-flow option of 121l/min is available for the three larger models.

The compact wheel loader range is equipped with three types of kinematics to suit preferences, including a; Z-bar arm, a Pull-bar arm and a telescopic arm.