Name: William and Andrew Woods, Ballyconnell, Co Cavan.

Ages: (12 and nine).

Description: It’s a farming simulator game where you run your own virtual farm. You can buy and sell land, buy and sell machinery, buy and sell animals and sell produce and spend money like a real farmer. You can build it up over time. You can save your progress and come back to it next week and take up where you left off.

It’s very real life. For example, you have to keep tractors serviced to make sure they run efficiently. You can also choose to do some jobs like ploughing for your neighbour and get paid for it.

A new Farming Simulator 2023 version is due out in the new year.

Likes: You can try any type of farming. We were having a go at a vineyard last week. You can farm cotton or anything you want. You can buy a factory and process your own produce and then sell it for a higher price.

You can go multiplayer so your friends can join in. You can play with anybody around the world online and they can help you draw in silage or any other jobs.

You can borrow money and buy loads of cows. There are “mods” in the game. For example, Farming Simulator comes with loads of machinery options but you can buy a Massey Ferguson 35 for the craic and hook it up to a zero grazer to see how she goes. There are also different levels where you can start off with a load of money and machinery or start off with nothing and try and work your way up. You can also switch on or off weeds to make it easier to grow crops.

There are a number of YouTubers like Daggerwin and Chainsaw100 who you can watch playing the Farming Simulator game. You can get good tips from these videos.

Dislikes: Sometimes it takes a long time to load up at the beginning. The workers you hire can sometimes do silly things like drive in the wrong direction, go to the wrong fields or just don’t work.

Farming Simulator 2022 for Xbox retails for €49.99.