The main attraction on the Väderstad stand will be its latest drill, a 3m Spirit R 300S with 125mm row spacing. This drill has been redesigned from the ground up and includes new developments such as E-Control and Gateway.

The Spirit R is equipped with Väderstad’s System Disc Aggressive. The front tool has conical 450mm discs, providing intensive soil cultivation. The machine runs straight behind the tractor as the discs are mounted in an X pattern. The working depth can be adjusted from the control panel in the cab.

The drill frame’s central beam allows for easy access for service or adjustments. It is equipped with offset support wheels with large 400/55-15.5 radial tyres.

A new corrosion-resistant 2,800l seed hopper with an integrated fan is manufactured from rotational moulded plastic. This can be filled and emptied from a working platform located at the side of the seed hopper.

The machine has a new electrical feed system, called Fenix III. The system can handle seed rates from 1kg-500kg/ha at speeds up to 15km/h. With two distributor heads, it means half the machine can be switched off.

Seed placement is achieved with a 380mm, offset V-disc and 380x65mm consolidation wheels. Following harrows are available in two versions, a light version with harrow tines on each seed unit or a centrally suspended following harrow. Following harrows and coulter pressure are controlled from the operator panel with active regulation of the set value.

Double soil packer

Väderstad will also be displaying its new Double SteelRunner soil packer for its range of Carrier XL disc cultivators at the show.

The adjustable Double SteelRunner is already established on the TopDown and is now available to the Carrier range through the XL models, complementing the existing Double SoilRunner and SteelRunner packer options.

The range has options of 51cm and 61cm diameter notched edged discs respectively, available in 425-625 working widths. The adjustable working angle of the discs allows the cultivator to slice up the soil across the full working width and depth.

The discs are interchangeable between Carrier models. Other tools including the straw harrow, CrossCutter Knife and CrossBoard can also be fitted. Working depth is adjustable from the cab.

The machine has a transport width of 3m and a transport height of 4m, while it has a working width of over 6m.