Cows who watched a green field through virtual reality goggles were less stressed, a Turkish farmer has found.

The third-generation farmer Izzet Koçak told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that he made two of his cows watch images of green fields with virtual reality goggles to increase their milk yield.

He said that the animals were less stressed and this was reflected in the milk yield, with an increased quality and quantity of milk.

“As producers, we started to look for an alternative way with the increase in feed and hay prices.

“Cows in Russia were fitted with virtual reality glasses. We decided to try this in our own business.

“We tried the virtual reality glasses on two of our animals in the first place.

“We followed them for about 10 days. We observed an increase in both the quality and quantity of milk,” Koçak said.

The Turkish farmer has said that he has ordered 10 more sets of virtual reality glasses.