A new live weather page has been launched on the Irish Farmers Journal website. Over the past three months, 24 weather stations were installed on each of the 12 farms participating in our From the Tramlines programme.

Two stations were placed on each farm and record rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed, gusts and wind direction.

Live data

Live data from each station is beamed directly to our website for readers to view, but you will also be able to access historical data ranging from one hour ago to one month.

The stations transmit data wirelessly using the low bandwidth wireless network Sigfox, which has a good level of coverage in Ireland.

This data will help provide an accurate means of comparing and contrasting weather conditions across all the station locations. As our station network grows, many readers will have access to more localised weather data than what is currently available elsewhere.


The weather stations are provided by Sencrop, a French based Ag tech start-up founded in 2016 and who recently entered the Irish market.

The company has won numerous awards including the SIMA innovation award in 2017 and a SIVAL silver award in 2019.

To access the new weather page, simply click here. The weather page can be accessed on both desktop and smartphone.

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Irish Farmers Journal weather with Sencrop