Last week, the Kverneland Group Ireland exhibited the Vicon Ro-EDW Geospread in the demonstration area at Crops & Spreaders in Oak Park. This particular spreader has a hopper capacity of 3,225t and with extensions it can hold up to 3,900kg. The machine has a spreading width range from 10m up to 54m, which can be changed from the operator’s seat.

The Ro-EDW GEOSPREAD is Vicon’s answer to GPS-controlled intelligent spreading. Fertiliser exits the hopper via a central release point on to its discs which are equipped with eight vanes.

Vicon claims this adjustable discharge point and large disc design allows for extreme accuracy outputting from 10kg-320kg/min, with the further option of up to 540kg/min if required in a double overlap spread pattern.

The GEOSPREAD system offers individual section control with sections of just 1m seeing a maximum of up to 24 sections, made possible by altering the fertiliser drop point on to its discs along with application rate via electric shutters.

Precision weighing is made possible via the four 5t load cells and reference sensor which play a pivotal role in accurate section control according to Vicon.

Vicons GEOSPREAD system has automatic calibration and continuous weighing. It also uses auto correction on slopes and for shocks on rough terrain and auto speed-related dosing system, all of which remove the need for a calibration test.

Depending on spec, the spreader is priced in the region of €32,107 plus VAT.