In this week's podcast, we discuss the findings of our Irish Farmers Journal readers' survey, where 70% of respondents say they plan on reducing fertiliser use and one third say they have no product bought at all.

News correspondents Declan O’Brien and Rachel Donovan delve into the survey findings, which suggest more farmers will move to cut stock numbers or exit the sector in the wake of increased farm input costs.

Political correspondent Pat O’Toole brings us the detail on changes to CAP entitlements and trading and how farmers are set to be affected.

Pat also discusses the CAP information evening in Wexford on Monday night and how farmers were told that raths, also known as fairy forts, won’t count as an area for nature. We also hear from farmers James Hill and Liam O’Byrne who were present at the event.

IFA president Tim Cullinan describes the impact retailers are having on Irish horticulture growers through the below-cost selling of fruit and vegetables.

And, finally, the livestock team’s Niamh Gunn brings us an update from mart goers at Balla Mart, Co Mayo, on Tuesday evening.

Farmer Kieran Flatley discusses the beef trade, fertiliser costs and supply and how he thinks the Government can help support farmers today.