Gorman makes FBD board moves
The Dealer
Jim Mulhall and Tim Cullinan have been nominated to the board of Farmer Business Developments plc, replacing Eddie Downey and Joe Healy.
10 January 2024 Dealer
Meat on the menu at must-not-miss IFA AGM
The IFA AGM opened with the gauntlet thrown down to government by Francie Gorman, and ended with a private and warm recognition of volunteers contributions, from Tim Cullinan to county chairs.
7 January 2024 News
Opinion: providing leadership for farmers
Incoming IFA president will have to juggle a multitude of issues during his term of office.
Farmers won’t tolerate cuts to their margins, IFA warns
Any reduction in farmers margins will inevitably lead to farmers going out of business, as has already happened in the vegetable selector, the IFA warned.
4 January 2024 News
Taoiseach to address IFA AGM
The AGM kicks off at 11am and will see the term of current the IFA president Tim Cullinan come to an end.
3 January 2024 News
Farmers cannot be on the ‘frontline of another retail war’ - IFA
IFA president Tim Cullinan has warned that price wars between retailers should not decrease farmers’ margins.
3 January 2024 News
Opinion: farm leaders deserve all our gratitude
The current changing of the guard in the IFA and the ICMSA sees some end decades of service to their fellow farmers, part of the wide range of volunteerism that underpins Irish life.
16 December 2023 Opinion