Payment of €24m of 2021 GLAS balance begins
Noel Bardon
Over 39,000 farmers are set to receive the balance of their agri-environmental payment over the coming weeks, the minister has said.
16 May 2022 News
CAP effects ‘not significant’ on animal welfare – EU study
Outdoor production systems favour animal welfare and allow animals to express their natural behaviours, a European Commission study has found.
16 May 2022 News
Livestock measures could be added to proposed eco scheme – Markey
It was initally thought that eco-scheme options that benefit animal performance and the environment would not be approved by the Commission, but 'flexibility' has been shown by Brussels, Markey said.
Editorial: comforting words that don’t mean much
The commitment of Government to protecting the livelihood of farmers when developing a pathway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions should be measured against its policies and not words.
11 May 2022 Editorial
Macra presses minister on forgotten farmer supports
Forgotten farmers were reportedly to receive a once-off payment amounting to €5,000 per farmer, according to Macra president John Keane.
11 May 2022 News
Ireland ahead of farm advisory curve - EU evaluation
The evaluation recommended that the administrative burden of delivering farm advice be reduced across the EU to ensure funds allocated to farm advice are fully utilised.
9 May 2022 News
Weekly podcast: €1,000 to make silage, Teagasc suckler U-turn and stolen calves
Detail of a new €55m scheme to help farmers make hay and silage, Teagasc’s U-turn on stocking rate advice for suckler farmers, stolen calves, the CAP plan and problems for young farmers all feature.
5 May 2022 News
Editorial: organics look like the only future for suckling
Looking beyond the current year, the Teagasc 2027 roadmap for suckling continues to question the economic benefits of operating at high stocking levels.
4 May 2022 Editorial
Letter: Common Agricultural Policy needs serious adjustments
"Is this some kind of April Fool's Day lingo?" - T. A . Coakley.
4 May 2022 Letters
Young farmer numbers a ‘ticking timebomb’ - Macra president
John Keane believes that Macra can seize the opportunities a post-lockdown society offers to provide a social and developmental outlet for young rural people.
4 May 2022 News
Search on for Teagasc head of advisory
The next head of advisory at Teagasc will have their hands full, with a new CAP next year bringing a raft of new schemes with it.
4 May 2022 Dealer
83,204 BPS applications submitted
The number of applications submitted to-date is in line with previous years with activity ramping up in the final two weeks before the 16 May deadline.
4 May 2022 Schemes