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An inmate and farm manager at Shelton Abbey open prison, tell the Irish Farmers Journal about raising 20 Friesian heifer calves to send to Rwanda for the charity Bóthar.

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With the number of farm-related deaths increasing in 2017, we hear from a farm accident survivor about his farm accident and the importance of farm safety in 2018.

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Women might only represent 12% of farm owners in Ireland, but the women in agriculture movement has gone from strength to strength this year. Three out of the four provinces have started their own groups to encourage and promote the image of female farmers.

While women might represent themselves in their own groups, has the level of female representation improved in traditional farm organisations?

At the annual Women & Agriculture conference in Carlow this year, we asked a number of women who had been involved in farm organisations across Europe what they thought of the presence of women in farm organisations.

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Anne O’Donoghue from the Irish Country Living team and Hannah Quinn-Mulligan discuss what’s coming up in the magazine in 2018.

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