Some 200 calved cows were lucky to survive shed damage caused by Storm Eunice on Friday morning, according to Cork dairy farmer Geoff Wycherley.

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Wycherly, who farms at Barryroe, Ballinspittle, Co Cork, said it was “lucky there was no loss of life or stock” during the incident.

Wycherly said a neighbour passed the out-farm on Friday morning at 7am and saw that the cubicle shed was undamaged, but after he arrived at 7.30am, “the shed was gone”.

He said the roof sheeting had collapsed in on the cows and was “blowing everywhere” and that it was very fortunate that no cows that were due to calve were impacted.


Geoff Wycherly said the “most difficult” job was getting the cattle out of the shed safely.

He described how the stock were held in a collecting yard for a number of hours before being moved out to a paddock nearby.

Upon realising the extent of the damage on the farm, Wycherly said all his neighbours sought to help, but that he “couldn’t let them into the yard” due to safety concerns.

He said the shed builders, Derry O'Donovan Machinery and Buildings, “dropped everything” and moved in to remove the fallen and damaged steel to make the yard safer. Wycherly thanked all those who have helped in the storm’s aftermath.

The Cork farmer said there is a “big job of work ahead” as work begins to re-roof the shed.

Cows have been moved back to the yard and are now on the “outdoor”, uncovered cubicles, according to Wycherly.

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