New suckler shed for expanding beef farmer and contractor
A recently completed suckler shed offers additional accommodation, slurry storage and shelter in the yard for Steven Dillon.
5 July 2022 News
BEEF2022 Teagasc Grange: alleviating problems in calf housing
At Tuesday’s BEEF2022 open day in Teagasc Grange, specifications on good calf housing and alleviating problems in housing was given.
22 June 2022 Dealer
The Irish Farmers Journal does not paint sheds
I’ve been notified that the Irish Farmers Journal logo is, once again, being used inappropriately.
New 156 cow cubicle shed offers flexibility for expanded herd
A cubicle shed, completed in mid-2021, has increased cow accommodation and calving facilities.
22 June 2022 Farm buildings
Farmer Writes: figures for calves and new shed
Kieran Sullivan is weaning calves and getting the paperwork out of the way for the new shed planned for building over the summer.
8 June 2022 Farmer Writes
Teagasc farm placements under review as students raise concerns
Students from Clonakilty Agricultural College allege they have been treated like slaves by dairy farmers who are taking advantage of the cheap labour.
4 May 2022 News
Weekly podcast: shed building costs spiral, fertiliser prices and new Macra CEO
Rising farm building costs, fertiliser prices, the new Macra CEO and IFA member unease over its leadership’s salary increases all feature.
21 April 2022 News
Department building data centre
The Department of Agriculture has committed to progressing the build of its data centre in Kildare in 2022.
20 April 2022 Dealer
Thrive: managing temperature swings in the calf shed
The forecast is for some cold nights ahead, with temperatures dipping below freezing, while daytime temperatures could hit double figures.
16 March 2022 Management
TAMS costings ‘disconnected from reality’ – ICMSA
The ICMSA farm and rural affairs chair has claimed the failure to update the TAMS costings has made the scheme irrelevant.
14 March 2022 News
Creating a microclimate in the calf-rearing shed
Microclimates can help provide the perfect environment for calves in the rearing shed. At all times, farmers should try to provide a well -ventilated yet draft-free environment.
9 March 2022 Management
Keeping on top of hygiene in the calving shed
Ground conditions are still marginal, delaying the turnout of cows and calves to grass. As calving sheds fill up, keeping on top of hygiene is crucial to lower disease risks.
8 March 2022 Management