Galway hay shed dismantled
The Dealer
This hay shed in particular housed many a Galway football supporter over the last 65 years.
29 November 2023 Buildings
Cement fibre sheeting to battle salty breeze in seaside suckler shed
With the Atlantic Ocean just metres away, cement-fibre sheeting had to be used to prevent corrosion on the Hanrahans’ new suckler shed.
22 November 2023 Letters
Letter re: rising costs vs grants available
Rising building costs – 60% TAMS grant not the case – Name & Details with the Editor
Lucky escape for two heifers after slats collapse in Offaly shed
"I had 11 heifers in the shed and two of them were stuck in the tank," Offaly farmer Alan McDonald told the Irish Farmers Journal.
15 November 2023 News
Farmer Writes: Winter arrives, earlier than we'd hoped
There’s nothing like cattle fighting indoors to realise the brute force and strength behind them.
8 November 2023 Farmer Writes
Lying space requirements for housed cattle
Adam Woods takes a look at lying space requirements for cattle being housed this winter.
25 October 2023 Breeding & health
Time for lice control in housed cattle
Where cattle have been housed, there are growing reports of lice causing irritation to growing animals.
17 October 2023 Management
Kit shed buyer guide: the dos and don’ts
Kit sheds can be a good value for money option, though specifications and quality should be thoroughly checked.
11 October 2023 Buildings
Five steps to improving ventilation in your shed
With the current mild and wet weather, cases of pneumonia have increased as stock are housed, with ventilation helping to reduce the risk and spread of the disease.
10 October 2023 Buildings
Five tips for weaning calves post-housing
Housing time will see many herd owners looking to start weaning calves. Outlined are some tips to ease calves through the weaning process.
30 September 2023 Management
Getting winter ready with animal housing
Before livestock head back in to sheds, it’s important that any necessary repairs are carried out.
27 September 2023 Buildings
Trailer stolen from Roscommon recovered in Cork
The trailer had been stolen for nearly two months before it was spotted on Done Deal for cheap money.
16 September 2023 News