After launching its new 9000 series range of foragers last autumn, John Deere will be showcasing the new 9600 model at this year’s show.

The new range of self-propelled forage harvesters includes four models from 625hp up to 970hp. The 9600 model is powered by a 13.5 litre six-cylinder John Deere PSX engine, while the three larger models in the range are powered by a V12 Liebherr engine.

John Deere is also set to display its latest integrated baler/wrapper unit, the C441R.
The latest forager series have undergone a new design, including the addition of twin exhausts.

The new 9000 Series foragers feature the latest forage harvesting technology. According to John Deere, the new series will provide customers with 10% more productivity while consuming 10% less fuel, in comparison to John Deere’s current higher spec machines.

The new foragers have a reinforced drivetrain and an improved mainframe. They are also fitted with a larger crop channel with a width of 850mm, allowing them to handle a higher throughput.

The 9000 Series forager harvesters are available with John Deere’s range of AMS precision farming systems including the HarvestLab 3000 NIR (near infrared) sensor, AutoLOC automatic length-of-cut settings, and Active Fill Control (AFC) for automatic filling of trailers.


John Deere will be showcasing its new 865M Gator at the show. The gator features a new larger cab with an updated heating system that includes a windscreen defrost feature. The new cab is built to accommodate three people.

The 23hp 865M comes with power steering, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a top speed of 50km/h or 60km/h.

The new 23hp Gator comes with power steering, a CVT transmission and a top speed of 50km/h (31mph) or 60km/h (37mph).

New features include a tighter turning circle, improved weight distribution and a larger 42-litre fuel tank. Other changes include a new digital dashboard, LED headlights and a restyled front bumper.

The cargo box has a load capacity of 454kg, while towing capacity has been increased by a third to 907kg and total payload capacity is 680kg.

C441R combination baler/wrapper

John Deere will also display its latest integrated baler/wrapper unit, the C441R. The machine has a heavy-duty drive system rated at up to 210hp with 1,000rpm PTO.

It is equipped with a new 18-roller bale chamber that has increased in width, from 117cm to 121cm.The machine comes with a choice of a 2m or an optional 2.2m pickup reel, feeding the MaxiCut HC rotor with either 13 or 25 knives.

John Deere claims the wrapping unit features a 15% faster wrapping arm working at 40rpm, and an 18% faster table transfer system.

The unit will come as standard on a single axle or with an optional tandem axle chassis. John Deere will also be displaying its new drill and T Series combine at the show.