Labour shortages lead to £60m crop waste on UK farms
Barry Murphy
The UK’s fruit and vegetable farmers continue to be affected by a lack of labour available when it comes to picking and harvesting their crops.
14 August 2022 News
This week in photos: harvest 2022 and Thrive open day
Our top photos from the past week include some of the action from a rapid harvest progress, an egg producer in Monaghan and the scenes at Thrive open day, where the future of dairy beef is discussed.
13 August 2022 News
10 steps farmers can take to mitigate farmland fires
Wexford Fire Services has outlined a list of steps farmers can take to prevent fire and stop the spread should they start.
Watch: major crop fire in Ferns, Wexford
The fire in Ferns was one of five farmland fires which took place in Wexford on Thursday 11 August.
12 August 2022 News
Massey Ferguson updates Activa combines
Massey has updated its Activa combine range with power upgrades as well as additional features and a complete new 260hp Activa 7344 flagship model.
3 August 2022 News
Home Farm: change in mid stream
We still have to get this year's oilseed rape harvested. We had made good progress last week ahead of the rain but the continuous rain on Saturday meant we couldn’t attempt to go near the field.
3 August 2022 Viewpoints
Letter regarding a recent front page picture on IFJ
"Management practices like shallow stubble cultivation to encourage growth and associated uptake of nitrogen can be beneficial" - Max Potterton, IFA grain policy executive.
3 August 2022 Letters
Folklore: Lug, Ancient God of the Harvest
At Lugnasadh, the harvest, if ready, could begin. The time to measure good husbandry and profit from the positive interaction with the natural world. Writes Folklorist Shane Lehane.
27 July 2022 Features
Weekend weather: unsettled and breezy but still mild
This weekend won't be as sunny as the one gone by, but temperatures are set to remain between 17°C and 22°C.
22 July 2022 News
Silage analysis points to higher feed costs
Broken weather during May and June has led to a drop in first cut silage quality on Northern Ireland farms
20 July 2022 Northern Ireland
Harvesting, straw and stubbles dominate workload for the week ahead
Harvesting progress has been helped by the excellent weather with winter oilseed rape and oats also likely to go under the blade this week weather permitting.
20 July 2022 Husbandry
Variability in winter barley harvest continues as yield spread widens
With some recent yields now above 4.2t/ac, questions will be asked about the exact causes of yield loss in poorer crops.
18 July 2022 Crops