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  1. What is this unique loyalty code about?
  2. How do I use the unique loyalty code?
  3. What if I already have a account?
  4. What does “that code is invalid, already redeemed or has expired” mean?
  5. Why am I locked out of
  6. Where can I redeem the code on the app?
  7. Can I use the same code every week?
  8. How many people can use this code?
  9. Is the unique loyalty code case sensitive?
  10. Where can I pick up a copy of the Irish Farmers Journal newspaper?
  11. What is the “Irish Country Living section”?
  12. How can I contact customer service or give feedback?
  13. Why are is Irish Farmers Journal doing this?
  14. Tell me about the paid content model?
  15. How is the Farmers Journal using technology?
  16. What additional content is available from
  17. How do I view the archive of the Irish Farmers Journal?
  18. How often is the website updated?
  19. Why is there a list of key words (tags) at the end of each story?
  20. Can I comment on stories?
  21. What is the Irish Farmers Journal Digital Edition?
  22. Can I instead subscribe to the Digital Edition weekly instead of buying the newspaper?
  23. How do I search?
  24. I am looking for access to newspapers that were published before I subscribed. Can I access an archive on your site or do you have any other suggestions?