Mortality of calves exported from Ireland approximately 0.05%
Analysis of 2019 and 2020 journey logs demonstrate a low mortality rate for calves transported out of Ireland to continental veal producers.
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ICSA calls for tagging exemption for young lambs
The requirement to tag both ears on young lambs sold through marts is unwarranted and must be abolished, ICSA sheep chair Seán McNamara has said.
Cattle, sheep and pig kills fall in January
Some 135,700 cattle were processed in factories in January 2021, down from the 165,400 in throughput on the same time last year – a drop of nearly 30,000 head, CSO figures show.
27,000gns Shorthorn bull breaks records in Stirling
The sale topping bull sets a new all-time high price for the breed at the famous Scottish sales
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Sulphur; a critical nutrient for grass and soil health
Sulphur is a critical element in the process of protein formation in plants such as grass, and in improving the quality of both grazed grass and silage or hay.
Volac’s whey-based milk replacers deliver top calf performance
Advances in technology and research have led to whey-based milk replacers becoming the go-to protein source for calf nutrition.
Benefits of JFC Agri Evolution S4 automatic calf feeder
JFC Agri spoke to Waterford dairy farmer Sean Nolan about his dairy enterprise, calving and how the JFC Agri Evolution S4 automatic calf feeder has benefited his calf rearing and feeding operation.
Father and son operation cultivate a better future
Maurice Cogan and his son Robert had been beef and tillage farming for many years but when they started to plan for the future they realised ...
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